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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 1 decade ago

Do You Think I Have the Potential To Be a Cheerleader?

Okay So; Im New at My School, and I Really Like The Cheerleading Squad. I Think That I Wanna be In it, and im going to try out next year, but i need to know; what should i do in order to be a cheerleader? do you think i have the potential? Im 15 Years Old, I Have Longish Blonde Hair, I Can Tumble Fairly Well, and I LOVE Cheerleading. Im Not EXTREAMLY Skinny; I Weigh Around 155ish Pounds, and I don't know if i could make the squad. Do you think i could? thanks guys (:

oh and no mean remarks Please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Weight and appearance have no bearing on making the team. As to whether or not you would make it based on your skills, I don't know what the requirements are or how good the other kids trying out are compared to you. :^(

    So find out from the coach whether or not you need to be able to tumble. If the answer is yes, get into a class right away so you can get even better skills under your belt and start doing tumbling drills, jumps, motions, and stretching every day.

    Good luck! :^)

    Source(s): Cheerleading 101: a Beginner's Guide
  • Jules
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Okay, first of all...weight doesn't matter in the least bit. The best cheerleader on my team is 160 and 5'4'' and is absolutely amazing. Ironically enough, the skinniest girl is probably the worst, and I've known that to be true with many other cheer teams. Second of all, hair color doesn't matter because they don't pick you based on looks, they pick you based on ability. As for tumbling, if you don't have a standing back handspring, a round off back handspring and are close to a back tuck (for jv), you have a severe disadvantage. To make varsity you probably need a solid back tuck and a layout and are working on a full. The coaches want girls that they can do more with, and the better you can tumble, the more they'll like you because they have more opportunities for better choreography. Also, you need to be able to dance too, so if you're really serious about this and willing to be dedicated, try taking tumbling and a jazz class because if you've never cheered before, you're at a disadvantage and need to make up for lost time.

    Source(s): Varsity cheer since freshman year Varsity dance since freshman year 14 years of dancing (I'm 16)
  • 1 decade ago

    Ah, you're blonde! That gives you a advantage to say the least. Unfortunately some cheering squads are very prejudiced on the unconventional cheerleader. And you said that you can tumble? As in what exactly. I know that if you can throw a standing back handspring, sometimes that's not enough. If you can throw a back tuck or two that's pretty good.

    Source(s): Me and my experiences
  • Jen
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    well, your hair color doesn't matter, and what do you mean by you can tumble "fairly well" does that mean you can do, a standing back handspring? Also 155lbs is def. not skinny, but im sure you will loose weight if you do become a cheerleader.

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