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Are the QBs in this year's draft too good to pass up for the Colts?

I posted a question yesterday, but I guess this is what my question should of been. What's the bad thing about losing some money if you can have Tebow, Bradford, or McCoy ready to play for you in 4-5 years if something happens to Manning?

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    Well, as you well know, guys like Tebow, Bradford and McCoy would probably cost a lot if they go early in the draft. And remember, the NFL has a salary cap. If I'm a GM and I pay a bunch of money out for a quarterback that I can't use for 4-5 years, then I'm waisting a bunch of money that I could be spending on 4-5 players for each one of those 4-5 years. For the Colts this year, that could have meant the loss of Jeff Saturday. The Colts were barely able to afford Jeff Saturday due to an increase in the cap. Now if you look at how the Colts offense did without Saturday in the line-up, they averaged over 40 less yards per game with Saturday out injured.

    Those 4-5 guys can make big differences for a team. You use them to fill in holes where the team is weak. Some examples of hole fillers are:

    Fili Moala, a big 300 pounder brought in to help stop the run. Indy has moved from dead last to middle of the pack.

    Donald Brown improve the Colts rushing game from dead last and make it better. This guy is awesome.

    Austin Collie to add another wide receiver to fill in at the # 3 spot.

    Jerraud Powers and Jacob Lacey on defense to fill spots in a defense that was injury prone. These guys have been great at getting interceptions.

    If the Colts had another high pay QB just sitting the sidelines, they'd be having that money sitting on the sidelines instead of adding 4-5 new talented guys out on the field filling weaknesses the team has. Four to five talented guys out on the field are going to help a team more than one talented guy that always sits on the sidelines.

    And if you look at a lot of the big name college quarterbacks out there, most of them are sitting the sideline. Leinert is. Vince Young is. Brady Quinn is. Troy Smith is. These are all Heisman candidates. Even if you get a really talented rookie. It takes 2-3 years to develop them. And if you look at many of the top QB's out there in the league. Most of them weren't top college drafts.

    Tom Brady wasn't. Matt Cassle wasn't. Kyle Orton wasn't. There are more talented quarterbacks out there in the draft anymore. And if the quarterback is developed right, they can be every bit as good as some of the top draft picks. As Peyton Manning has said several times, what a young starting quarterback needs is play time in a game. If the Browns are going to make Brady Quinn their quarterback then they need to play him if they want him to become good.

    Look at Peyton's career. Coach Mora when he first got Peyton made him take every snap of every game since day one. If there is one thing Coach Mora did right, it was that. And I think that is part of what has made Peyton Manning one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history.

    Bill Polian is one of the smartest GM's in the league. The Colts wouldn't be the winning, dominant team they are today without Polian. The Colts hadn't picked up a backup quarterback in the draft since about Sorgy 6 years ago. But when he saw the talent that Curtis Painter had he jumped on it. And he got Painter in a late round for a cheap price. Like I said earlier. Painter has an arm and he comes from a good quarterback program. He just needs the edges smoothed out a little and Peyton can easily do that. His Junior year, Painter was being talked about as a possible Heisman candidate for next year. He set school yardage records for Purdue and was throwing 400 yard passing games with consistency. But come his Senior year he got injured and was benched for a while. Purdue's program that was known for going to bowl games every year dropped to one of the lowest ranked teams in the Big Ten. And Curtis Painter quickly ended up getting forgotten by most football fans. So hear you have this talented quarterback who set school records that everybody has looked over because of one bad season that wasn't really his fault. Purdue is no power house team so if he gets injured people aren't going to remember him like Bradford. But Polian knows talent. I was SO hoping the Colts would get him, but thought it highly unlikely. But I'm thrilled to see him on the team.

    The thing is. There are a lot of quarterbacks out there that are pretty much in the same situation. Forgotten quarterbacks with a lot of talent that get overlooked for the big names. When Bledsoe got injured who expected Brady to become one of the best QB's in the NFL? Or when Brady got injured for Cassle to do so well having never even play a game in the NFL or ever start in college?

    The Colts are going about things right. If they spent money on one of those big name college QB's they'd be doing so at the expense of weakening the strength of the team as a whole. And you don't want to do that.

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    QBs too good? Are you talking about the 2011 draft or are you just on crack?

    The senior QBs are Tebow and McCoy, I expect Jimmy Clausen to declare and Sam Bradford already said he was going to declare. If Tebow and McCoy are ever going to anything more than backups or gimmick players they will need several years to sit and learn, McCoy more so than Tebow. At least Tebow has an NFL body.

    Jimmy Clausen is far and away the best draft eligible QB prospect, and he's not even all that great. He's got a cannon, a quick release and experience in a pro style offense, but this is the only season that he's looked good and his accuracy is relatively inconsistent. The only game he's look remotely bad in was against USC, and the Irish would have won that game if his receiver didn't slip on that play towards the end. I doubt Clausen drops out of the top 5.

    Sam Bradford is easily the second best QB prospect, but he's got a LOT of question marks. He's tall, accurate and makes good decisions, but his arm strength will probably limit him to playing in a west coast style offense and his lack of experience in a pro style offense will require him to sit for at least a year. I don't see Bradford falling past the Vikings, who could sit him behind Favre for a year and let him be a game manager and defer to Adrian Peterson when necessray.

    Tebow has an NFL body, good athleticism, a reasonably strong arm and he's got work ethic on the level of Peyton Manning and absoultely 0 character issues, but that's really about it. As far as his mechanics go, I want to cry when I watch him play. His release time is much too long for the NFL, that is the time between when he decides where to throw it and when the ball leaves his hand is much too long. This may seem insignificant, but just look at Byron Leftwich for evidence as to what happens when a QB with a release reminiscent of a baseball pitcher's windup tries to play in the NFL. He even has less experience with pro style responsibilites than Bradford. He never takes snaps from under center, doesn't make reads or go through progressions and doesn't make many legit NFL throws (like the 20+ yard out rote to a covered receiver). I think he'll go around the mid second round because of his work ethic and potential, but won't be a starting QB anytime soon.

    But Colt McCoy makes Tim Tebow look polished. His release is quicker than Tebow's, but that's about it. Sure he completes 70% of his passes but watch Texas and tell me how many passes he makes that are over 15 yards to receivers that aren't wide open. His arm strength is BAD, good enough to run a spread offense against slow Big 12 defenses, but so many passes that are complete against Big 12 defenses will be batted down or intercepted by NFL defenders. I wouldn't pick him any higher than the 3rd or 4th round. If he sits for a while he'll be a good backup or maybe even like a Jeff Garcia, but nothing more.

    But no, the Colts won't pick a QB in this draft, at least not anybody that they intend to be a long term replacement for Peyton.

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    I agree with you. There are not many passing QB's this year. Tim Tebow will never be a solid NFL quarterback, Bradford probably won't come out after all the injuries this year, McCoy is a great college QB but probably won't be a very good NFL QB, like you said Snead has struggled greatly, and many of the other quarterbacks coming out are apart of spread offenses or just don't have the tools to be a great NFL quarterback.

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    Peyton is getting older but its still too early and he's still playing too good to spend a high draft pick on a QB. in 2 or 3 years they may start to look at a potential replacement to groom for 1 or 2 years. The other thing is with their continued success they are not likely to have a high 1st round pick without making a big trade.

    Also you don't draft a guy and expect him to sit for 4 or 5 years then be a franchise player, he'd become a free agent before he played in one game.

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    The Colts won't need another star QB for at least 5 years, Peyton isn't anywhere near retiring yet. This year they need to focus on getting a few defensive players, Cornerbacks or Defensive Tackles mostly.

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    Peyton has I'm guessing around 4-5 years left in his career. That too long of a wait to start for any of those QB's. Colts won't need them.

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    Yes I mean Peyton Manning is a God the Football Field, you think Favre is tough wait until Peyton is 40 No NFL QB can compare.

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    NO WAY....peyton has too many years and when he does retire (or if somethin happens to him) they drafted Curtis Painter last year. Painter will be a very good quarterback in the future so they will not draft another.

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