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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationBoats & Boating · 1 decade ago

wha anchor do i need for my boat?

i have a 39' silvertoon fly bridge with a 13" beam. i always have someone rafted up with me about the same size boat. we always spend the whole weekend anchores. I have heard theres a anchor for long peiors of time and i was wonderring if thats good for me. The reasson is i have a 28 pond danforth anchor and a few weekends ago i broke anchor when the wind shifted drifted about 500' until the shafts on the 2 boats got stuck in the muck right before the rocks and had to use the dinghys to bring the anchors out farther to winch us to deeper water. to use the engines and bow thruster. I need to know what anchor i should get i have tried almost all of them and none of them seem to work so i want to know what i should get. I heard the hook anchors are good but dont know? i also heard theres a anchor that wont break if the wind changes? please help me i only anchor in sand/ muck i would like a anchor for a 60' boat just to have that much more holiding power?

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    Derrick S is on track with his answer. I concur, but I've also had good luck with a CQR plow type anchor. I also had one of the largest Alum Anchors when they where introduced in the 1970's. It worked well in sand, but if the bottom was hard mud, the plow worked better. Good luck!

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    Having cruised all the Caribbean for 8yrs trying most all anchors the danford style did the best for holding except in coral and only a grapple. What I use is all chain and and rode at the end as it's the chain that hold U with the weight of the chain lifting when the boat draws back the anchor only sets the point of pivot.I like the 40lb on my 48 and when I had a 40' I also use the 40lb if U have the space and windless to haul it in.

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    If you're going to raft up two large boats, I'd set a bow and stern anchor. This way even with tidal shifts or wind changes, the boat stays put. Also, another important factor is the amount of scope you're letting out. If you're relying on only a single anchor to hold two heavy boats (26,000 lbs+ each), that's just too much to expect. Even if you had used a larger heavier anchor, you would have broken anchorage. You are lucky that nothing more serious happened. Even if you had used the "Storm" amount of scope, and expect to stay put, you would have ended up the same.

    If you have to use only a single boat as the "Rafting" anchor, set two anchors out. I have a 60' MY, and will always use a bow/stern or double bow set at two different placements. I've never broken anchor in my years doing this. I've had friends raft up to my yacht, but they set a short line anchor at 4 to 1 scope, and tie up next to me.

    My main anchor is an 88 lbs Delta, secondary is 44 lbs Delta with a combo chain/rope for my stern windlass to pull tight. If you aren't sure of the procedures on setting multi anchors, email me back and I'll walk you through it. It's not hard, just a lot of work. I've included a anchoring link below if you have questions.

    Source(s): 40+ years experience with boats, Boating Safety Instructor, and member of the United States Power Squadron. Owner of 60' motor yacht and 26' Express Cruiser.
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    my recommendation is to take a long look at fortress anchors. they are similar in looks to the danforth anchor but have much higher holding power. the following web site has a lot of good info including comparison to other anchor systems.

    here is a test of the holding power of various types of anchors in mud

    hope this helps

    Source(s): old salt
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    Why not try the R.N. They sure to have a few lying around from battle ships!

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