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whats going on? anyone else experience this while pregnant?

i was just wondering if anyone else has this going on... i am now 32 weeks pregnant and my doctor is requesting that i see him every 2-3 days.

my history is i started dialating at 29 weeks and my body has been constantly contracting since. i am 2 cm dialated and have been taking procardia every 4 hours to stop the labor, and go for nonstress tests every week to check my contractions (and end up in the hospital every visit because the doctor sends me, usually end up there 3 times a week for an iv).

EVERY time i have gone they found that i was constantly contracting! every 2-3 minutes, they vary in strength though and i can't even go to the grocery store cuz its too much walking.

why is my body doing this? if anyone else is going through this i would really like to hear their experience because my doctor isn't really telling me much but i think somethings wrong if they moved me to an appointment every 2 days...

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I myself have not goen through this but Ihave freinds that have with there pregnancys. Basically, b/c your body wanted to start pre-term labor SOOO early they are keeping a very watchful eye on you. As annyoing as it may be it ssounds like u have a good doctor. All your dialting and contracting means that your body is still trying to go into labor and it is still too early. You get those shots to prevent early labor and strengthen the babes lung just in case. Also, they will continue to check you b/c sometimes if a women gets all the way to 4cm sometimes 5 cm w/ some doctors they will go ahead and admit you to the hospital. Has he put you on bed rest? The more you rest and refrain from activity the less likely you are to dialate *** much as you would being mroe active. My doc has been keeping an eye on me b/c babe dropped so early and Ive been almost completely effaced since 30 weeks- but so far no dialtation- I have anotehr appt next week. This is something that happens to alot of women- it sucks and it is painful but basically jsut the procedures they need to take to keep baby in there as long as possible. Each day is important to baby and that is why the doc wants 2 check you so much. Best of luck I hope you have a happ healthy lil one soon. Hang in there...

    Source(s): 35+ weeks pregnant w/ lil girl 22 month old son
  • 5 years ago

    i understand precisely the way you sense woman! Im 18 weeks top now and have had a head discomfort fantastically lots wide-spread considering being pregnant! my docs informed me to take this pill talked approximately as magnesium oxide 400mg to 800mg everynight b4 mattress and helps decrease problems and is secure collectively as pregnant and it works too! stress is easily wide-spread! you're purely being overly protctive which there is not any longer something incorrect with! finding stuff up isnt a undesirable concept yet attempt to get extra then one explaination ask around to different mothers additionally! You''l be fantastic as long as you consume healthful and exercising! If yuor rather disturbing approximately sumthing purely call up ur prevalent practitioner!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have they checked your potassium & magnesium levels? Being too low can cause contractions & muscle spasms. Have they given you corticosteroids for the baby's lungs? I was given Nifedipine(Procardia) & then Terbutaline(Brethine) for my preterm labor. Procardia didn't seem to help as much as the Brethine did. You may want to ask your doctor about it.

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