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Help Is she pregnant?

so my bestfriend and her boyfriend have never had sex, but their genitals have touched. and apparently, you can be pregnant, its very rare but possible. Shes 15, and her period has never been late, but now it is 10 days late. we are both really worried. what do you think?

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    1 decade ago
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    Ten days is quite late, but she is still young and her cycles may not be regular. But still, it is late and time to use a test. She can get one for almost nothing at the dollar store--same test, just no brand name.

    If sperm was involved when they touched like that, yes, it is possible--though unlikely--for her to be pregnant, especially if she was fertile at the time. If any sperm entered her somehow, even without penetration, yes, there is a possibility of pregnancy. People are saying here that it is not possible, but that is simply not true. There IS a chance, though small.

    You say she's worried, so I hope you'll let her know that if she is pregnant, there is free help for her and the baby and she does not have to go through this alone:

    She can get help with anything she may need for herself and her child, but first she should tell her parents if she is really pregnant. They may be upset at first; it will calm down. As you are her best friend, do you think you might be able to be there with her when she tells them? The boyfriend ought to be there, too.

    I say all this in case she is pregnant. But if she's not, it's still a good time for her to think long and hard about this scare and realize that sex has serious consequences. A baby is meant to be made through sex, and now that she knows that it is possible to become pregnant without actually having sex, if sperm is involved, she might want to reconsider her views on sexual activity. Maybe as friends, you can discuss this together and encourage one another. There is so much more to enjoy right now at 15! Sex will wait. I really recommend that you and she take a look at this site and make the healthy decision to wait: You are free to reject that suggestion, but please do think about passing it on.

    If she does turn out pregnant, be a good friend to her and her baby. She will need your support very much, and other girls may not understand.

    Source(s): mama of a baby boy
  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't be too worried. It's very hard to get pregnant, actually. You only have a 20% chance each month. She's probably late because of stress. Make sure she takes a hpt, and if she still doesn't get a period in a week, make an appointment with a doctor because it could be a sign something is wrong.

  • 1 decade ago

    If he didn't penetrate then no I don't see how she could be pregnant unless it is an immaculate conception.

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