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These sentences in spanish!?

I dont understand how to do this will some one explain:

Im suppose to corecct the underlined word/words

1.Compro la silla.

2.Eduardo lee el libro.

3.Mandamos la carta.

4.Siempre digo la verdad.

5.Nunca han visto esa pel�cula.

6.Marta va a comprar los regalos.

7.Jorge est� diciendo mentiras.

8.Hugo compr� un disco.

9.Tu has recibido una carta.

10.Nosotros vamos a necesitar su ayuda.

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    I have translated them for you

    1. I buy the chair.

    2. Edward reads the book.

    3. We sent the letter.

    4. I always say the truth.

    5. They have never seen that movie.

    6. Marta is going to buy gifts.

    7. Jorge is telling lies.

    8. Hugo bought a disk.

    9. You have received a letter.

    10. We are going to need your help.

    On number five it is Nunca han visto esa pelicula

    On number seven it is Jorge esta diciendo mentiras.

    On number eight it is Hugo compro un disco.

    Source(s): Spanish speaker
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