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Is it okay to hate your sister?

lately it's been getting worse...

I have a younger sister who is in 6th while I am a senior in HS

She is selfish to the point where she screams and hits over food plus affection from family members

With her psychotic screaming, we often get complaints from neighbors

She doesn't understand that my parents don't want to get calls from her; she screams on the phone telling our mother that I did something bad to her again

Her screaming drives me insane...

Yes I'm from an asian family and hitting=discipline

And I often try to refrain from hitting because I know my own strength

But there are times when I really feel like I'm going to absolutely beat her to death..and this sorta scares me

I wished that she grew up and do things idk maybe taking a bath?

I sound so irrational right now but honestly just imagine a 12 year old screaming on the top of her lungs about her missing chicken nuggets?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I get what you saying, but you don't really hate her do you? She may annoy you to death and she sounds very immature, but you would cry if she died right? Just wait she'll mature MS is tough and it is fact that you must mitaure to survive

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  • 1 decade ago

    She is screaming for attention and is being neglected by her parents.

    No it is not okay to hate her.

    Why not keep screaming, if no one is there to teach her the correct behavior.

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