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percent of change???????????????????/?

i am in algebra 1 and i need help on working this problem please explain

Find the total price of each item.

Concrete blocks:$95.00


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Basically this is simple. You first take the 6% and make it 1.06 and multiply to $95.00 which will equal $100.70.

    Why is it that 6% equals 1.06: that is because we change it to a 100th of a decimal like 55% would be .55 and 100% would be 1.00.

    Why is it 1.06 and not 0.06 when u multiply 95.00: u can do it this way to but the other way is faster. basically u just do 95.00*0.06 which equals 5.7 then u add it to 95 again cause u found the % of the 95 dollar and now u are adding it.

    Hope i helped!!! ^_^

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