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What is the holocaust?

I am a 14 year old jewish boy and all my friends always talk about this guy named Adolph Hittler or something like that. The always make jokes about it too, do not understand, help me out.

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    the holocaust was the discovery that was made when the world realized that the nazis were killing the jews.

  • dews
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    5 years ago

    Three methods to reply this. a million.) Obidience and compliance- MIlgrams popular research was once provoked via the holocaust. He located, of common daily Americans off the avenue, 60% might keep electricuting a few till they died (they believed) if told to. The inspiration is you surrender accountability to any person of larger rank (a an identical factor was once implemented to the American soilders bombing a villiage of ladies and kids in Vietnam) two.) Depersonalisation: In any case of genocide, there are a couple of common stipulations: an us - them angle toward the percieved underclass, depersonalistion of the perceived underclass (Jews, darkish skinned races, homosexuals had been viewed lesser than the superb race), blaming them for the entire issues, believing that the nation is in a state of difficulty - an severe answer is wanted, and a robust chief three.) More not too long ago, psychologists have disregarded Milgram's view a minimum of because it applies to the larger degree of the chain of command (it would nonetheless practice to you bulldozer motive force). Several of the camp guards actively and imagineitively interpreted orders that didn't actuall name for the holocaust, orders being very indistinct. There was once an air of competetion for Hitler's favour. The guards had been dedicated to what they had been doing, knew what they had been doing, and so they inspiration it was once the correct factor to do. They inspiration they had been killing an enamy, they take at the ideology of the organization that condones this behavoir Most of the men and women that had been "accountable" had been sentenced on the nuremberg trial. Others cut down down had been much more likely to be (or a minimum of think) they had been simply following orders, for this reason warding off guilt that might make them suicide. Those that took at the ideology might no longer think guilt

  • I think you are a troll, but if you are not then read on:

    Its basically about how the Jews were killed brutally during World War 2.

  • 1 decade ago

    The murder of 6 million jews

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