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How is the "Swine" flu killing people?

I am 23 year old healthy female who is 38 weeks pregnant. On October 1, I contracted the 'swine' flu. It lasted 4 days (the worst part), I sought treatment on the second day of symptoms, and am not 100% better. My 14 month old daughter also caught a flu, presumably mine, and her symptoms were not as severe as mine, they were mild - moderate, but she survived and is okay now.

My question is, what exactly are people dying from? Why did the swine flu not affect us in a worse way? It seemed just like a severe form of the flu, worst part was the body aches and weakness, and tiredness. I read that pregnant woman are dying a lot from it too. Why is this? Why are people dying? Are me and my daughter in the clear of dying from the swine flu now? Thanks for any answers.

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    Swine Flu is like the regular season flu. It is just getting so publicly announced because it is new and doesn't have a absolute cure. Anybody can die from the regular flu as well. It attacks your body until your breaking point. When your pregnant you have a higher chance of getting sick because your immune system isn't as strong. There are major and minor cases of the swine flu as well. People die from the more major cases. You probably had a minor case as well as your daughter which will make you app to be more immune from bigger cases. But its no guarantee. People just don't completely understand the H1N1 flu yet and get to freaked out and paranoid, kinda like the west nile from mosquito's. When you get the swine flu it is a little bit stronger than the regular season flu as well. You still just need to take precaution.

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    first of all, you and your daughter should be fine. if you've experienced the worst of the symptoms you'll only get better -- usually the first 3 or 4 days are the worst with any flu, from what I've gathered. I'm glad you and your daughter are both okay.

    I have heard, from different news articles and programs, that the reason that H1N1 is worse than the normal flu that goes around is because it thickens your mucous membranes more. the virus is harder to get out of your system because it's technically 'stickier' if that makes sense. the people that are dying from the swine flu that normally wouldn't die from the regular flu are suffering because it's harder for their bodies to get rid of the virus for that reason. pregnancy makes your immune system more compromised because your body is providing for two, essentially, and that's why it's harder for those women to fight off an especially stubborn virus, if that makes sense.

    for what it's worth, older people are dying LESS from it because in the 30's and 40's there was a strain similar to this one that went around -- so the 'survivors' of that flu have some immunity. there was also a strain going around in the 70's that was similar, so those people are immune too. if you catch one strain of flu and then get over it, you're immune to it, which is why older people are not dying from it like with the normal new strains of flu that pop up every year. because YOU had the flu and have gotten over the worst part of it, you're immune to it now and any sort of strains that resemble it. the people who catch it and cannot get over it usually have some sort of underlying condition and have a compromised immune system already. hope I helped -- glad you're better!

    eta: so far, about 1,000 people have died from H1N1. normal flu season lasts from october to march and about 1,000 people die during this time [during the entire 6 months] from the seasonal flu TOTAL. it's unprecedented that any flu kills this many people when we're not even that far into the flu season. it's also unprecedented that the flu is a major problem during the summer months, like H1N1 has been.

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    the swine flu is just another flu. however, because no one has ever been exposed to it, no one has any immunity to it so it is hitting us harder then "seasonal" flu would.. people who are dying are people with weak immune systems, people with previous health issues, we had a baby who was 5 months old recently die from the swine flu but he also had two holes in his heart and other severe disabilities. pregnant women are dying i've read most often in their third trimester because the growing baby is taking up so much room, the lungs are being compressed, and we pregnant women are more likely to get something like pneumonia (sp?) which can be very dangerous. the thing that really gets me is that everyone is putting out these numbers of people who've died because of swine flu, but i would really like to know the numbers of people who die from the seasonal flu every year anyway.. maybe the numbers are higher this year, but it is a new flu, with both the swine flu and the seasonal flu out there numbers are bound to be some what higher...

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    The flu normally kills the very young, the elderly, or people with compromised immune systems. In healthy individuals the flu is rarely fatal. Swine Flu is killing mostly healthy people while those with weaker immune systems appear to recover without reaching the stage of respiratory failure.

    The chances to die for swine flu are smallest than chances to win the lottery. So,calm down and don't worry!

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    Baby's & Children, Pregnant Women and The Elderly are the most prone to Die from Swine Flu due to one thing, the immune system, as you know we all have an immune system and as you get older you're immune system doesnt work aswell, thats where the old people die from it, then theres Baby's which immune system has barely developed yet, therefore they are prone to dieng from Swine Flu, then there are children which have a fair immune system but it is spread easily due to bieng around other in school etc...

    As for pregnant women they are providing nutrients and what-not to thier baby in the womb, so they aren't at 100% similar to the elderly.

    I hope this helps.

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    Well i was just at the doctor the other day and some other friends were also saying the symptoms are mostly moderate,but while your temperature rises you need to remember to drink lots of water!

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    Though infants are immune to getting H1N1, it's not likely they will die from it. Mostly, only the people that die, are the ones with a weak immune system.

    Congrats & Good luck!

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    Plenty of people die from the regular flu every year.

    Usually when they're sick or frail to begin with.

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    The H1N1 kills people with some other pre-existing conditions.

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    1 decade ago

    The most common thing, I think, is severe respiratory problems and complications.

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