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Childrens sports or activities...any ideas?

Oh my goodness. Summer is over and our days at the beach have ended. No more surfing, boogie boarding, sand castles, playing in the water. No what? My kids are so totally and completely bored at home. What are some sports or activities that young boy (4) can enjoy?

City sports in my area are for kids 5 and older. I have looked into Karate but the place closest us the lady said "they mostly run around" well hell I could set the wildebeast free at the park for that for free!

So now I'm asking for ideas from others who have young kids, who enjoy a lost or forgotten sport, who have any ideas. Please give me some, I can feel my hair turning grey as we speak! (That's a sarcastic joke).

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    Our division of parks and recreation has all sorts of classes and activities for toddlers. We did a swimming class (at an indoor pool) with our daughter, and she also took a gymnastics class. They also have little craft classes (mostly holiday themed). You might try looking into your county's parks and recreation - our classes were really inexpensive, and our daughter totally loved them. We also have a community center with a play gym, which offers free play for children, as well as an indoor playground. Those are nice options for allowing your child to interact with other children and expend some energy when the weather isn't so nice!

  • JoKTM
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    1 decade ago

    Have you checked with the YMCA? Most sports teams don't start until 5 or 6 because it is hard for young children to understand the rules. Right now children his age should be focused on fun and not competition. Have you looked into indoor swimming?

    You can also take him to the park for an hour or buy an indoor or and outdoor climber.

  • 5 years ago

    Why do no longer you do a race day the place the youngsters do a a million/2 mile. They do a relay form race the place they do extremely each and each. they'll could get sponsors. you could desire to do expenses for first and 2d human beings. you could desire to do age categories - a while 5 - 8 and a while 9-11 - or in key point a million and a couple of

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    playing outside with the leaves and snow, riding bike, going for walks (races), buy a climber for in the house, etc.

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