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How great can La Liga be when the top team RM,worth billions, lose 4-0 to a 3rd tier team costing as much as..? Ronaldo's evening handbag?

And what about Barca also losing at home for the Cl to another nobody

Yes, La Liga is so great.. almost as good as serie F

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    But that just proves that the league is strong. Touz the league is more than 3 or 4 teams, so the FACT that a team from third divison can beat a team who is on second place in top division means that there is no easy oponents in Spain... something that we couldn't say about EPL where in last ten years top4 teams lost maybe 20 games all together. Last season's top teams are in relegation zone this season... that's how strong La liga is.

    Barca lost to Rubin because of our UNICEF deal, it's in a contract that we must lose to very poor teams so that their fans have something to live for... we did it for Numancia last season, Rubin was this season and if I'm not wrong Liverpool is lucky club for next season. They will be first team to beat a club that has won the treble twice in a row....

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    I have no clue either. Labontie is a great driver who has the wins (and championships) to back him up. He really deserves to be in better equipment. And from some of the things I have heard Bobby wanted to drive for RCR, but they may have not offered him a contract. Which is insane if it's true; picking Mears over Labontie. But heck what do I know... It seems Richard is already having a hard enough time getting his cars to run in the top 20 here lately. Nice shark btw. I hope I never come across one that big lol. We went to the beach here a few weeks ago and I hooked a 3 ft long Hammerhead, surf fishing surprisingly, only about 15ft from the shore. I let him go though. There were a lot of small whiting around so I'm guessing that was what was attracting them. I'm not much of a fishing person. I always end up feeling bad for them and want to let them go lol. It bugs everyone else I go with, they always want to keep them.

  • It doesn't, as so many people have implied, mean that Spain has a stronger league structure. It's just that when you play a team a division below you, you don't know anything about them and you can lose if you get overconfident. Upsets are common is cup football, and we should not make too much of it.

    All domestic cup tournaments in England have had upsets, and that's what Real Madrid suffered. It happens every season. Last season, it was Burnley beating Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, and Barnsely before that scalped Liverpool and Chelsea. In the 2007-08 FA Cup, Portsmouth were the only Premier League team in the semis, joined by West Brom, Cardiff and Barnsley.

    If you ask me, England has the stronger league. What makes a strong league isn't upsets by third division teams (which happen in any country), but competition in the league.

    The last two title races in the Prem were decided on the second last and last day. The last two La Liga titles were surrendered weeks before the end.

    And it took quite a while (till the second last day in fact), to decide which would be first Prem team to be relegated.

  • I'm a Manchester United fan and I acknowledge that Barcelona pretty much schooled us in the Champo League final this year. But the Premier League overall is much stronger than La Liga. La Liga is basically a two horse race, whereas the Premier League is a great competition with teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and even Manchester City these days fighting it out at the top. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool regularly fill up spots in the Champions League semi-finals and final, whereas teams from Spain other than Real Madrid and Barcelona are rarely seen progressing that far in the tournament.

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    I think this loss has not helped La Liga that much because it questions the top teams of the league and what would happen if they face real european powerhouses.

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    lol disagree about the part about La Liga's top team is Real Madrid (that's Barcelona's title) =)

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    Just here to state that the artist formerly known as MJ is full of it.

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    That shows you the league is competitive, unlike the EPL where the big 4 are usually miles ahead of the other teams and they virtually have no chance of breaking into the top 4. Maybe this season some other EPL team will get 4th place at the expense of Liverpool though! :D

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    It just goes to show you how great Spanish teams are 1st tier or not. We got cocky vs Alcorcon and look how it cost us.

  • LMAO...

    It just shows that there's talent in the lower divisions of Spanish football while the EPL has to buy it's talent from outside of England...

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