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T¬R asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 decade ago

Guy in need of help styling my hair. NEED HELP BAD!?


I'm a guy plagued with horrible hair. It's flippy, frizzy, in between dark and light brown, and wavy.

-Medium length; down to edge of ears

-Flips upward at ends

-Waves throughout

-When straightened or blow dryed, frizzs

-Retains water for hours

So. My hair naturally looks horrible. However, my stylist likes thinks I should stay with the natural curly look, mainly due to ease of styling. Unfortunately, she is also one of my classmates aunts; If I tell her that I don't mind if I have to spend 30 minutes prepping it she might get the wrong idea.

So, I'm not sure how to style my hair and what to use in it. As I said, it's naturally very curly and it flips at the ends. I'd prefer it to be straight, but not bowl-cut straight, which is what usually happens when I used a straightener. Something along the lines of Adam Young:

So, what should I use to style my hair? I've tried anti-harden Crew Gel, but it still hardens too much for my liking, I've tried both my salons brand and axe brand creams, but they have horrible hold and shine my hair, and I've tried Axe pomade, but it HURTS with the amount of hardening it has, and also makes my hair very shiny.

Also, what brush should I use? I have large and small round brushes, a flat brush, and combs.

Also, should I condition my hair? I have conditioner, but I haven't figured out how to use it; I usually put in a nickels worth throughout my hair and sit out of the shower water for 2 ish minutes and then rinse it out.

When I use a straightener, I tend to over do it and end up with a bowl cut look. When I blow dry, my hair puffs up.

Finally, when I wake up in the morning my hair puffs up A LOT; sometimes I don't have enough time to wet it down and it looks horrible throughout the day.

So, here's all of materials:

-No-harden Crew Gel

-Axe Cream

-Axe Pomade

-Straightening/Anti-Frizz Serum

-Anti-burn spray

-Axe conditioner

-Large and small round brushes

-Flat Brush


-Blow Dryer


Also, anyone know of some professional hair forums on the internet?

TL;DR: Turn my frizzy curly puffy wavy hair into something manageable that lasts overnight and looks better!

My hair naturally:

My hair after styling (and failing):

4 Answers

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    ooh ur right it is bad :/

    first thing when u get out of the shower DON'T comp it comp it before u go in NEVER after since ur hair is curly don't straighten it it doesn't work for you

    apply Pantene [oill replacementnt] NOT the shampoo N do this

    how to:: mess it up real fast but not all at once N take some locks n scrunch them to ur skull do it to all ur hair

    OR u can try this use gel show ur stylist the pic :}

  • 1 decade ago

    i think your hair looks pretty cute even without the styling:) But if you like dont like the curliness, wear a beanie or hat. thats the best thing. especially with your flippy hair at the end. Just comb it out hecka good. Its better to use a wide-toothed comb then a brush, since the brush would make it more frizzy. I think thats all you should do. Its really not that bad. Just take a shower in the night, wake up, and comb it out. Then put on like a nice hat or beanie. Hope I helpedddd :o)

  • 1 decade ago

    well from what you described from your hair i say if you want it like adam young you need a flat iron. Also you say you used one before and got a bowl cut look, then you might need a new haircut, from the look of adam youngs hair it is probably cut with a razor and if your hair is too thick then ask you stylist to thin it out. take his pic to you stylist. And i don't think your using the right products, pomade is for shorter hair and makes it shiny like gel, and since you use axe try the one for the shaggy hair it doesn't make it hard. my hair flips out at the ends too and i know it sucks. well hope i helped.

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    5 years ago

    properly. it is bigoted of me to point that a woman shave or wax, yet i can't help being very placed off by using an far extra than pubic hair. in reality i do in comparison to quite a few physique hair exceedingly in that area. i'm pleased with a small quantity whether it is above the area yet no longer so some distance onto the tummy, and surely trimmed. i do in comparison to hair that surrounds the vulva. it is unappealing to me, and it gets interior the way. tender feels superb and that i could want waxed any day of the week. the two thoroughly waxed or a minimum of extra often than not. Shaved is effective too yet then there will be stubble. I hate the landing strip, yet that's no longer a brilliant deal. skin is merely too eye-catching to be masked by using hair and groomed is extra enjoyable for me. I basically like hair whilst it is stylish which basically leaves the top, and for me the facial area and head, in spite of the undeniable fact that I shave my head. it is somewhat ineffective on my area yet i do no longer care. people are a species that retains ok groomed, in spite of the undeniable fact that we are primates, it is merely the way it is. It would not ought to be that way, in spite of the undeniable fact that it is what I want on a woman or maybe myself. tender is a brilliant turn on and au naturel is extremely lots no longer my element... in any respect. Being groomed is the biggest area whether it is waxed or no longer. the two way i'm no fan of physique hair. i think of maximum men want this, yet there are some who like the jungle. i assume you should evaluate oral intercourse. i'm no longer partial to licking hair :)

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