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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

Girl Problems Help!!!!!!!!!! (ZK)?

Ok Im sixteen years old im in the tenthh grade i started dateing this girl about two weeks ago ive always had a thing for her but i never trusted her. word around was that she messed with mad dudes so i did not try to go with her when i first met her but now as time moved on i really started to like her and we started to talk my home boys went crazy on me and told me she was ugly and she sneaky ok i denied that i Went with her i told people i didnt date her but then i stoped and i am up front with everyone i dont care what anybody thinks. so now two weeks later im hearing all kinds of thing my best friend went to the fair saturday and saw her with one of his girls and she said she didnt date me and her friend said i was a negative but guys tried to talk to her and she said she had a boyfriend and i belive her but im thinkin shes embbaresd of me and i dnt see why im very well known and popular at my school i play foot ball and im very good so i am popular with alot of people so today we went to the zoo with my biology class and as we were on the bus we sat three to a seat i was next to her and her friend so she pulls out her phone and shows her pics and i swear they were pics of other dudes this pissed me off so bad i and she knew it i ignored her the whole ride there then we started kissin and made up then at the zoo. finally we get mad agin and i swear i thought we were over she would not tlk to me then once agin we strated kissin and made up so now we are cool agin we text alot but we never talk on the phone she loves her friends and she will ditch me for them any time i trry not to let it botther me but o it does so bad she always tells me she really likes me alot and wants us to last forever and trust me she really means it and i want the same thing i want this relashonship to get better and i know i can fix it if i keep at it i really really really like this girl and i know she really really likes me what should i do about this (Please be mature about answers with this one please im serious)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Even you said you wanted it to last forever, didn't you?

    So, there, you answered yourself.

    If you don't, then be upfront about it and don't.

    Don't hide and get all insecure... :P

    Suit yourself. ;)

    I could advice you and give you a lecture and tips all day, but what confrontity will that do? So that'd do you OR ME no good.. ;p

    NONE, so um, you have to decide for yourself instead of asking Y!A...&& choose what you want. If you're even asking this question it means your seeking help, here you got it...but we can't change your optimism and point of view.

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