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How can I get our house door to shut easier? It has to practically be slammed to close tightly?

The wind blows it open when it isnt shut tight and our dog can get out.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    consider moving the lock's strikeplate (part on the jamb, not door) back a little (about 1/8")... this will allow the latch to seat itself before you have to really push on the door.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    It sounds like an easy fix. The plate that is mounted to the door frame is called the strike-plate. If you peek in there, you'll see a tab. It may have to be bent, or "tweaked" in order to allow the latch to enter more easily and without the need to slam it shut.

    Do yourself a favor though. Remove it before bending the tab. That way, you almost completely eliminate the possibility of damaging the door frame screw holes from banging on the plate.

    As an added note: EVERY strike-plate on EVERY exterior door (lock-sets and deadbolts alike) I own uses 4" long galvanized drywall screws to secure them to not just the soft pine door-frames, but to the studs behind that frame up the rough opening.

    Source(s): Jack Of All Trades
  • 1 decade ago

    look at the door when you are closing it to see where it is catching on the frame. If it is a wood door you can use a sander or grinder to take off a little bit where it is catching.

    Sometimes you get really lucky and all you have to do is bend that little part that sticks out on the metal bracket on the frame. (the metal part where the door latch sticks in on the frame when the door is closed)

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