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unpopular book summaries?

Dose anyone know any book summaries for unpopular books? preferably powder monkey by paul dowswell. i need a book report for this book done by tomorrow, oh and pleeeease no onr dsy just read the book cause i did but i forgett it and i dont have time to reread it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dis is wat u do :

    1. google the summary of any book and klik page 2 , then page 3 ( keep looking to stay on the subject of that books summary ) .

    Then the last page that its on ( probably uncommon , this is why you find it in like not the 1st google page ) klik it , and copy that summary . Try to change big words and phrases around , like the man believed it was the most magnificient object he had ever seen -- to -- the man thought it was the most exciting thing he has ever seen .

    Works every time . Oh and if you have a bibliography to write ..... be smart and DONT write the website you used and write the websites you found on the 1st page . Catchin on ? hope i helped .

    Source(s): personal experience with annoying school work
  • 1 decade ago

    Here's one, it's for a book that is so unpopular, it can't be found anywhere.

    Cliff, the Boy Who Didn't Like to Read


    The story is about Cliff, a boy who doesn't like to read. One day, his teacher announces to the class they need to do a book report, but Cliff doesn't like to read. Instead, he goes and plays.

    The night before the book report is in, Cliff notices it's the night before and freaks out. So, he tries to read the book but because he doesn't like to read, he stops. He then tries to ask people on the computer, but they tell him no.

    When he goes to school the next day, he fails the assignment because he didn't read the book.

    The moral of the story is, Cliff should have completed the assignment before playing. That way, he would have it done and would not have to worry.

    The end.

    Good luck with your assignment! :)


    EDIT: Rereading the question, I see you DID read it, but forgot it. Simple enough, simply reread a few portions of the book and your memories of the rest should come right back. :)

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