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Guitar Hero/Rock Band/Karaoke Revolution/Dance Dance Revolution?

okay, so I heard The Beatles just got a Rock Band game about them. Shouldn't Michael Jackson? well for now, we can only go off of what people have created. which if the systems (mentioned above) or ones i haven't said, have the most Michael Jackson songs on them? i know one guitar hero has "beat it" on it... but is that for wii? i have a PS2. i looked at the song list on karaoke revolution and there are some good songs, (i like 60;s, 70's, 80's too) but WHERE IS MICHAEL?!?!?!

if you got confused, i've looked everywhere, which of any song/guitar hero-y thing has the most michael jackson songs, and how many are there? i've checked wikipedia, and it doesn't look good. :(

any help is appreciated.

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Because most of the songs wouldn't be fun to play. Beat It is pretty boring.

  • 5 years ago

    Guitar hero!!!!!! confident confident DDR is extra healthy & i lost 2 lbs from it in one day {It replaced into the 1st actual day that I have been given it} {{all of it got here lower back however}} yet GH is purely lots funner :)

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