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Who has(d) a better legacy in the WWE,Ric Flair or Undertaker +NWBQ?

Best explanation gets a promised 10 points no matter who you are.

The NWBQ counts as part of your answer if you want the points

NWBQ: Ok so I already have 300 points this week and this is the most I ever had so early since I got about 15 best answers between Sunday and today and answered many questions.Now people claims if you have 1000 points in a week you are a cheater.What are your thoughts on that?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the WWE, the Undertaker. The most continuous years of service of all active WWE stars; the most popular star in the WWE (Taker doesn't have "bandwagon fans", those who cheer a wrestler only when he's getting pushed or winning a title. Fans of the Undertaker are fans no matter what he's doing, whether he's heel or face, or holding a championship); he's synonymous with Hell In A Cell; his match alone at Wrestlemania (with the Streak on the line) sells that PPV (no matter what the rest of Wrestlemania looks like, many fans will buy it just for Taker's match alone). After Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Stone Cold, The Rock, and John Cena, the Undertaker is the most well-known and recognized WWE wrestler of all-time, which is remarkable in that those other guys were/are "mainstream" celebrities who appear in other forms of entertainment and the Undertaker doesn't. Jim Ross calls HIM "the conscience of the WWE", and nobody else, not even Hogan and Stone Cold.

    Ric Flair's WWE career doesn't compare to that. If you were asking Ric Flair's NWA/WCW career vs Undertaker's WWE career, it would likely be a different story.

    NWBQ: I have had several stretches over my nearly 3-year stint here where I've earned 1000-1500 points per week for a few weeks (I think my highest point total in one week was around 1800) but I had to put in considerable time to earn those points (time I don't have anymore). Earning a lot of points doesn't automatically make you a "cheater". It's HOW you obtain them that does. If somebody answers a LOT of questions from a wide variety of users, giving quality answers, that person is expected to earn a lot of points. If somebody answers a lot of questions from a small handful of users, with a few poorly spelled words, gets a lot of points, and his/her BA % rises unnaturally fast, chances are that person is cheating. Either way, this section does pay attention to that sort of thing. This section will see how you are getting your points and will sometimes react accordingly. If you are earning your points legitimately your "reputation" will go up and you'll gain respect from this section as a whole. If you are not, you will be branded a "cheater", and that's something that is very difficult to live down.

    Once a user gets into the top ten he or she is watched very closely; if that user demonstrates good knowledge and effective writing skills, he or she is considered one of this section's "leaders". If he/she doesn't, then it is assumed that he/she cheated to get into the top ten and he/she loses the respect of this section.

    Once a user gets to number one in the top ten, he/she is automatically branded a cheater by a lot of people (King Kjors before me suffered that fate, as did I -- and to some extent, still do).

    There are always going to be people who complain about others who have achieved something they can't (or haven't yet). If you are earning your points legitimately, don't be concerned about the amount or anybody who complains. If you're not, then sooner or later, somebody will prove you are cheating, and things will get ugly.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Undertaker.

    Ric Flair's legacy is mostly in NWA. He did not do as much in the WWE as he did in NWA or other territories that he wrestled in during his prime and some years after it. Most of The Undertaker's legacy is in the WWE, so Ric Flair can't beat him out in just WWE, especially with his later years not being the greatest.

    NWBQ: I used to get 1000 points a week back when I first started, but I stopped once I saw it wasn't worth it, and really it isn't worth it. If people think the total amount of points you get signals who is cheating and who isn't, they haven't seen people who get over 4,000+ a week in other Y!A sections, especially in places like Polls and Surveys.

  • 1 decade ago

    its the undertaker. the two were both good wrestles in the history of the wwe/wwf. they have both won the royal rumble during thier career. but the undertaker has held the wwe title 4 times. flair has only held it twice. the undertaker has had the world heavywieght title 3 times and flair has never had that title. most of flairs great career was in the awa and the nwa. the undertaker has also been known as the badass big evil and deadman. He has also been in many great matches. he has benn one of the most destructive wrestlers to ever fight in the wwe. he has destroyed so many superstars. just watch the undertaker vs ric flair at wrestlemania 8

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Undertaker hasn't retired yet, but he is one of wwe's greatest superstars. When he first debuted i knew he was a future main-eventer, but i didnt know when, it only took him a year, i knew he would last for 5 years of more. Undertaker has gone against a lot of big men, and big gangs. From Yokozuna to Muhammed Hassan's army. Undertaker was looked as a face or a controversial face, until 1999. Undertaker made the most Satanic Stable in WW(F/E) history, the ministry of darkness, during his time he was able to get powerful forces on his side, like E&C, Viscera and even Mr Mcmahon. But Undertaker wasn't always Black. He was the American Bada*s, Not his most dominant gimmick but it proved worthy, He took on few rookies, like Nathan Jones and Orlando Jordan. Undertaker has been in one of the most destructive ''sibling'' rivalry's, feuding with Kane. Kane put away Undertaker in 2003, but i thought he would return at Wrestlemania, because i knew he still had ''the streak'', the streak is one of the most important figures of Wrestlemania History. He has faced almost every kind of wrestler in the WWE, he never goes for the jobbers, just the ones, who push him to the test. HBK gave Undertaker a run for his fame. Hbk is one of wrestlemania's legends and he would of been ''the best'', if he beat Taker, but that wasn't the case. Undertaker had one of the best feuds of 2005 with RKO, it was never a shock ending, except Summerslam, but still Undertaker has proven from time-to-time to be the Phenom of WWE

    NWBQ - -- Well, its really the way you get points that matters and to others WHO you get it from, i have got this guy giving me best answers all the time, E&C got few BA's from EvilBear, Because Evilbear wanted to annoy us

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    He has been in the top dog(or at least in the top 5) in the top company since 1996.

    -He doesnt always have the same matches.

    -He is never talked bad about.

    -"Best Big Man" reputation.

    -Leader of locker room

    I dont keep track of my points.

    I just like talking Basketball, Wrestling, and football

    Source(s): my RAW svr 2010 storyline
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