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I want sex with this guy really bad, what do I do? ** *?

Im aware this is an American website and people on it seem to be very anti-sex and if your going to judge dont answer. Im young I do not want a relationship im in terror of hurt but I need sex, I really do. Masturbation doesnt cut it. The last time ive had it was over two months ago and im absalutly gagging for it. This guy in my group who is a friend has liked me on and off for the past 5ish months, we have been hooking up(As in making out and a few other things) on and offish but we kept it pretty quiet. We have this great chemistry but to put it simply he's a dick. Anyway I havnt talked to him really since last time we kissed 3 weeks ago except when were out in a group together which is most days. Im extremely attracted to him for some unknown reason(he is ugly) but extremely full of himself. I would love just to have sex with him and for nobody to find out, which I owuld make him promise, no strings, no relationship just sex. How do I go about this? He is a virgin I think, im not and I dont even know how he would react, though im sure he would.... if anyone found out it would be the absalute talk of the area but they wont, what should I do>> this is me>> Ive been thinkning about this non stop for the past week...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Are you kidding? You're a girl, probably any guy you ask will want to **** you. Get him in private, pull down his pants and start sucking him off. It's not like he's going to stop you.

  • 1 decade ago

    girl your stunning dont be messing with no fool

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