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Do you have to file taxes for a spouse who abandoned the other?

Say a spouse abandoned his/her husband/wife. Does the victim still include the abandoner in federal tax forms?

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    1 decade ago
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    Since they can't file jointly without the missing spouse's consent, they file married filing separately.

    In a community property state, they include only their income.

  • 5 years ago

    If you have no income, there's no reason for you to file a return - you don't have to, and won't get any benefit by filing. If you didn't live together at any time during the last half of 2006, then you might qualify for head of household as your filing status, but that doesn't matter since you don't have anything to file on. If you file a joint return with him, yes, he'll save in taxes since joint filing gives lower taxes, plus he'll have exemptions and credits for the children. You might be able to negotiate with him for you to get part of the savings. The possible downside is that if he files an inaccurate return, you are responsible for it right along with him, so don't do it unless you trust him to file an accurate return. If he's a US citizen, than putting zero income total (for both of you) on a joint return is NOT accurate if he has earnings somewhere other than the US - plus if your joint income was really zero, there would be no reason for him to file either. If he's earning money in Canada and paying taxes on it there, he might not owe US income taxes, but would still have to file a return and report all of his income, then he'd get a credit for the Canadian taxes. Several of the answers above are incorrect. With no income, you don't have to file a return, and you couldn't get an EIC (Earned Income Credit) without any earned income. Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    You never have to file taxes for your spouse or anyone else. You file as married filing separately, without your spouse, as any married person may do.

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