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Drama helps please..?

*When we hang out at school*

Me and my girls (Bridget, Bridget and Caitlin)

In the morning before class everyday.

We dont have any classes together.

We ride the same buss.

We always sit with eachother *and others* at lunch.

We usualy go to the games together, when we can.


i got me a boyfriend <3 Mickey, Hes the best. We are so much alike.. I realy love him.

And i think my friends hate that we go out for some reason, (they dont know him at all) and i mean they are always mad at me 4 something now ever since i started dating him.

Right now we are in a fight, cause they said Im ditching them for Mickey, WHICH IM NOT,

I hang out with them in the morning, on the buss, at lunch, at the games, everything is the SAME. :( and i asked them how is it different and they never tell me they just say, all lot of things.. when realy there is nothing different.

IDK what to tell them! i said im sory, but i dont know what for :(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You stated the exact reason they are probably mad in your story. "And i think my friends hate that we go out for some reason, (they don't know him at all)" - They don't know him....They appear to be really close friends of yours, so why don't they know him? They probably feel like they aren't as good of friends as they thought ya'll were. Introduce him to them. Hang out as a group. Eventually they will respect you guy's time alone.

  • 1 decade ago

    They're jealous, and they'll understand what you're going through when they get boyfriends. Maybe try not talking about him all the time, or inviting him to hang out with you and your girls.

  • 1 decade ago

    you should all hang out together. or maybe they should get a boyfriend. you should all become friends. or else it will happen what happened to me... my friend got this HORRIBLE boyfriend and we all told her he was horrible and she didnt listen and i havent talked to her since :( o shes still dating this guy. so yea try to make them all friends

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