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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

I want to live on my own at this point...How do i find a loop hole in this situation?

Backround....................I am 17 years old, and turn 18 in exatly 8 months.... My mother and Father have both been convicted of felonies before, and been to jail numerous times, we live off of food stamps and other government help,

My dad gets a disability check, and my mom has no job, I dropped out of school for 1 semester, and then enrolled at a state college near by, in their High School Program, which is the same exact diploma i would get anywhere else as long as i was not in a special advanced program.....I have no job, but Book Concerts and Preform, and make a certain amount of money.....and could get a job, if i had no choice...but its hard at this time, especially in my town, BTW i live in florida...for legal refrences...

Heres the Problem My mom wants to pick up and leave and move me and my 3 younger sisters and 2 dogs, to New Jersey To live on the bottom floor of my 82 year old grandmothers house, which contains 2 rooms and 1 bathroom..... to live near the only remaining relatives of my mom's My grandmother, and my aunt....

My best friend is 24 years old, and would by all means take care of me, even though i can take care of myself.

I only have 8 months left until im legally aloud to say..."No"

How can i avoid moving.....don't say "Talk to her" shes a hardheaded person and selfish, and honestly does not care what anyone thinks other than herself.

Please Help.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you had a job that you could "prove" that you could provide for yourself without any help from your parents you could apply for "emancipation". I also think that because you are so close to being 18 and you are enrolled in a college that is giving you a high school diploma the judge would look upon your "emancipation" favorably" but you would have to have a job. Good luck.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

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