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Good/ AWESOME Lit/ Mag (literary magazine) titles!!!!! pllz help!!?

i joined lit. mag. and we were trying to come up with titles for the magazine this year, so yea. and we're also making catchy phrases for our posters to catch peeps eye and make them read it and wunna join or submit....we need stuff for writing and draweing so like....

Write your heart out in Lit. Mag.


Art 'n Soul (like rock 'n roll... my mom came up w/ tht one)

and for titles, i have...

The Heart of The Ink Pen

The 4 Seasons

The Dreams in Writing

The Fiction Part of Me/ You

and one tht wus for last years i think, was ' The Good 'Ol Days'

something like tht, plz and thnx


its a school magazine tht comes out each school year. it can be ANYTHING. even if its called gone with the wind (thats leagle u know)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    So what ls thls magazlne agaln? l dont understand your magazlne totally. Does lt have a webslte? Do you need names for 12 months? l may have a few suggestlons but l need to understand what you want flrst. :)

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