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how do i get over him?

i know you have probably heard this questions millions of times.... bf of 15 months broke up with me he was my first real bf and i loved him.he broke up with me because he stopped liking me out of the blue.after a really good date we had...he even said he had a great time.

I've never felt as connected to anyone else as i did to him.Love is really important to me..probably my goal in life to find. and i hope to find it one day with someone who truly deserves my love.Although i know this is right. it seems so hard to get over him. There are no guys at my school that i would consider or even like me for that fact so i only think about him.I loved him so much i dont think he'll ever understand how much he hurt me.and im still his friend after all that.or atleast try to be.Im only i know many of you will write youll get over it.your young.. and i know how will.but i stil need some reassurance or advice.can you give me some words.maybe from your own experiences.we've been broken up since september 10th.

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    o.k the thing is u keep sayin that u love this guy right ......and he broke up with u right the point i am makin is he is a jerk if he knew how u felt about him he would not hav said it like that i no say in it like that makes u feel bad but the thing is there is a lot of time for u to fine love there are better men out there soo stop hangin on to this one and find a better one(i no its sound easier than it is but i am sure u will get true it)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get a picture of him and write "F*CK YOU" on it

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