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I had my baby like this anyone else?

I had my baby 4 days after the due date, that morning i had my membranes stripped, i went to the hospital the same night with contractions, I got sent home and they said i wasn't having any. About 3 hours later I had my baby at home because my husband wouldn't take me to the hospital again and my baby was born in the amniotic sac, i didn't tear at all and it was relatively easy and did hurt but i never screamed, my water didn't break until the EMT's lifted me to the stretcher. I think it was amazing anyone else been in a similar situation?

2 Answers

  • No, sorry

    It definitely doesn't seem to be that safe the way it happened. It is terribe that your hubby wouldn't take you back to the hospital. Great think you both are doing well.

    Mommy to 9w lil princess

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    1 decade ago


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