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The speedometer/rpm gage light in my 99 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

are going out, i believe. All the lights are on except right in the middle. When I first noticed this, on the RPM gage, 5-7 was not lit up while on the speedometer 0 to 40 was not lit up either. Now, four days later, 4-7 on the RPM side in not lit up & the light on the speedometer is not lit up, up to the 55 line. Is it a bulb or fuse && how much will this cost taking to the Jeep dealership?

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  • br549
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    1 decade ago
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    Pry off the lower dash trim panels, then remove the screws that hold the dash face in place. There are about 4 across the top, and I think only 4 on the bottom. Tilt the steering wheel to it's lowest position and remove the face panel. Then look for and remove 4 screws holding the instrument cluster in place. There are 2 on each end. Pull the cluster out (there will be no wires, you'll see why when you get it out). Remove the white back cover (you'll figure that out, it's easy). You will then see the bulbs. Twist and remove then pull the bulb straight out of the socket. Match it up at the parts store, and put it all back together.

    I would do the job for $65.00. Jeep dealer will be over a hundred.

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