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I need some fashion tips for a skinny girl?

im pretty thin with very small boobs

i have like no hips and my butt is...ok for a skinny girl i guess

i would like to know what i should wear for someone of my type. like what i should wear to school

what colors would look good on me? what style should i go for?

and what kind of bathing suits should i look at?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    maggie sounds like an egotistical ***** who holds herself in place of a god. Ignore whatever they say. Honestly, although this may be speaking from personal preference, but be yourself. Do what makes you comfortable and what you think you look cute in. You can go shopping with friends for opinions, but don't go seeking to please everyone. (Not saying you are, but it somewhat sounds like that is the case).

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm skinny too! High Five Girl Frand!

    A big No-no is skinny jeans.

    boot-cut look best on our type.

    Even sweats tunked into ugg boots.

    Colors depend on your skintone and hair color.

    Try finding a website or magazine article to see what Season you are and it will tell you what colors look best on you.

    (black can usually make you appear larger)

    Bathing suits: They're pretty hard to find. Any style will work. Maybe a Tankini, or even just a bikini with a shirt and shorts over top.

    make sure it fits perfectly.

    Hoodies are good, for school.

    Layered t-shirts are good too! Maybe a Colorful V-Neck with a Lace tank underneath. Leggings under mini skirts are a super cute look.

    or even graphic tee's if you like them that is.

    3/4 Sleve length Shirts look cute on me. Maybe you too.

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
  • 5 years ago

    to look older you should placed on makeup. in the experience that your in college and you dont placed on makeup, then no ask your self your mothers and fathers dont think of you gown like a school woman! you will have a sought after kind, placed on what anybody else is wearing so which you slot case you wanna be somewhat diverse, placed on some cool earings or a brilliant necklace... :) placed on some amazing pants that fit properly, and a stunning shirt to look proffesional... :) wish this helped :) heres a percentof a sought after college student...

  • 1 decade ago

    you sound like your an alien that wouldnt look good in anything.

    im skinny and have small boobs i wear very fashionable clothes and poeple say its cute. for the bathing suite you should wear a two piece b/c it looks better[=

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My friend is exactly like you!!!!! I think everything looks good on her! Try wearing scarves and long necklaces- they look really pretty on her! Also aero and hollister shirts look really cute on her!!! I think blue and green look good on skinny people, but i dont know what you look like. Any kind of swimsuit would look good!! :) hope i helped a bit!

  • 1 decade ago

    it all depends on height.if you are tall you should go for skinny jeans,no helled boots,flats,and skirts/leggings,and gladiators

    if you are short i would go for converse,bramudas,formfitting t-shirts and heeld boot.

    colors all depend on skin tones.... if you have a dark skin tone you should wear light color and if you have pale skin you should wear dark colors.

    the bathing suit i ouls go for with your body is tiedie/milti bikini...or mabe something is a cute desighn on it....but,you should realy go for a bikini

    hope this hellped :D

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