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My baby girl (12 months) has lumpy poo, like little balls.?

It is also very stinky, which is not like her.

Also, has bright green in it today. I am worried. Is this normal?

She breastfed for 11 months..and is now on cows milk. Eating her normal diet.

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    1 decade ago
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    It sounds like she might be a bit constipated....which just means that she's having hard poo's! The green is worrying but both mine did that too and apparently it's normal...she may need more fibre in her diet and more water to drink...keep offering her water all through the day and sme extra fruit to eat....plums are good for are oranges.

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    Sounds like it's normal, the green could be from something she has eaten, maybe green beans....peas, etc. If it's just little tiny amounts of lumpy poo maybe constipation??? Changing from breast milk to cows milk can change poo too. So no worries!

  • its normal transition poop from breast milk to cows milk

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