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Katie asked in PetsHorses · 1 decade ago

Is it okay for your horse to wear a tail bag all winter?

I see many horses at my barn have tail bags on during the winter to prevent the ice balls from forming on the end of their tail. My pony has a nice thick tail (he's a welsh cob), but his tail always gets disgusting, muddy, and icey during the winter.

Is it okay to wash it now and get it clean, then braid it up and stick a tail bag on it for the winter? I'd take it down every week, brush it out and re-braid it back up. Or would it be better to not tail bag it and just braid it up? Will this cause any damage?

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  • gallop
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    1 decade ago
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    Be sure the hair is completely dry before you bag it, and that there is no pulling or tension on the tail tissue. The most frequent cause of necrotic changes in the tail are from compression or tension on the tissues, and infections of the hair follicles from bagging moist hair.

    While hair is dead protein, it is still protein and can become a food source for a multitude of infective microbes, especially in a dark, damp environment. By braiding the hair, and then removing its exposure to air flow, it can become an ideal environment for anaerobic microbes to multiply.

    The horse also uses the tail for warmth when outside over the winter, so be sure you leave ample hair free to protect the anogenital areas as your horse spreads the tail hairs to cover them if he spends much time outside in the cold.

    Also, hair is heavier when it is braided than it is when it is free and exposed to air flow, and there are some horses whose follicles will die just from the tension of the weight of braided hair when it is left for days on end.

    Add to that the weight and risks of infection if the hair gets wet, and it is something to consider whenever you do something like this and just leave it for a week at a time.

    Source(s): RN and 57 years with horses
  • Mandy
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, that's fine. Just don't tie the bag too tight and make sure the braid is very loose at the top. You can tighten it once you get about halfway down. If you braid it too tightly at the top, his tail will thin out a lot. And MAKE SURE his tail does not get wet. Don't put it up after a bath unless his tail has totally dried, and take his tail out of the bag if it rains so hard that it would get wet through the bag. If it does get wet while it's bagged, it can easily rot and his whole tail inside the bag can fall off.

    If you rebraid it once a week, it might thin out a little. I rebraid my mare's tail every two days.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it should be fine!

    Sounds like your horse is going to have a "jolly" winter! If you are going to re-braid every week, etc. You should be ok. Juts not to tight around the tail bone. You dont wont your Welshes thick tail to be cropped, or amputated(:

    Source(s): *Rider Myself!:)
  • lisbon
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    5 years ago

    I propose employing prell shampoo and conditioner blended. Then use a 2 or 2 a million/2 gallon bucket with heat water. upload the shampoo to the bucket and dip the tail in. scrub, then rinse via filling the bucket with heat water and dipping interior the tail lower back. repeat the rinsing a pair of circumstances, or until the water comes out devoid of suds. If that would not do it you could bleach the hair with the platinum blond hair bleach kit. use the lightest platinum blond you will detect to evade a yellowish shade to the tail. yet another element you could attempt is the pony shade improving spray in white. that's easily a non poisonous, form of spray paint made for horses. Leaves the tail effective and white for various weeks. be conscious the final 2 strategies are criminal or ethical in case you're showing the pony as a form horse.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Just don't touch the bone with the bag, otherwise you could cut off circulation to the tail. I've heard of horses with badly bandaged tails needing their tails amputated.

    As long as the bag is done well and you take it out regularly, that would be fine.

  • 1 decade ago

    it's fine as long as you maintain it. It's safer then having ice balls dangles, swinging into your horse's legs. Definitely braid up the tail, then put it into the bag so it's less work over time

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you can have one all winter thats what i do with my horses. every once and a while maby take it out and re due it but you dont have to.

  • Kendra
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    That would be fine!

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