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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 1 decade ago

chemistry help please!!!!?

there was class work the teacher was teaching us in chemistry and i didnt even understand what she said. so i wrote down what was on the paper and here now to ask. so please help me.

ok here it is

the red powder, mercuric oxide (which an early chemist Lavoisier performed some of his curicial experiment), is formed when mercury is gently heated in the presence of oxygen. It is known to have the definite composition by weight: 92.6% mercury, 7.4% oxygen.

a) calculate the "fixed ratio" of mercury to oxygen.

b) how much oxygen combines with 10.0 g of mercury?

this is what the teacher said. also tell me if she is wrong and tell me why and how to do it.


12.5 mecurty to oxygen ---> 25:2

what in the world? is that even right makes no sense... help!

25/10 = 2/x

20/20 = 25x/20


wth again? what in the world are they doing help please

someone please help me i dont understand!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To put it simply (since i didnt get it at first either) all your teacher was trying to explain was that for this chemical, for every 1gram of oxygen there is 12.5grams of mercury. so for that problem when you cross multiply it will all add up. today it may not make sense but it will.

    if you need more help let me know im in physics now and thankfully we dont have to do that much anymore

    Source(s): im in physics now and out of chem.
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