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How can I practice playing guitar without a guitar?

i like to play guitar but my parents took mine away from me. Its been like a week and i dont want to get worse. so how do i practice without having one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Well, to answer the question, I would say depending on your level of guitar, think of complex finger patterns and just repeat on a desk or table, like say index, ring, index, middle, index pinky, repeat? However complicated you can go. Do this with both hands, and when it gets boring, just tap your fingers simultaniously on a desk to help build calluses.

    but to solve the real problem, tell your parents Its an art and they shouldn't be holding you back from doing something as expressive as making music.

    Source(s): Personal exp.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I have guitars, basses, drums, horns, keyboards, etc in my home, and had to go buy a house beyond my means for this very reason, so I feel ya... BUT if it can be heard beyond your walls, your position is indefensible. Worse, you better read your lease or your CC&R's... if you're disturbing the peace, mgmt can throw you out w/o prejudice. They don't even need a police report, it's at their discretion. You better read what you signed. What's more... you're the one driving this train toward the cliff because you obviously don't want to moderate your own behaviour. Buy headphones. If you can't live without ambient music at a normal volume, then you're going to have to live somewhere that it won't bother others. And you're lucky that dude is cool... Years ago, when my sis had a baby, she had the same problem with a neighbour and their loud rap music. So my bro in law had his partner burglarize dude's apt and stole all his equipment. No more rap, problem solved.

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