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What is my Baseball card collection worth?

Hey Everyone,

I have some sweet 1986-1991 Baseball cards I was thinking of selling. For any baseball pros I wanted to know what I could sell it for. They include:

1991 Collectors Choice - Carlton Fisk

1990 Fleer Ken Griffey #420

Hank Aaron Upper Deck Hologram Card

1988 Donruss Cards (14) One is a Diamond Kings Andre Dawson

3 Different Ryne Sandberg cards

Future Star Kevin Elster (Topps 88) Card #8

Greg Briley Topps All Star Rookie #288

Ken Griffey Sr. 1990

Frank Viola 1985- 1989 #23

Will Clark 1990 Dream Team Card #684

Scott Cooper 1990 Rookie Card #651

1990 Robin Ventura Rated Rookie

and many More!

The collection tops off at about a 193 Card top off.

I also have some 07-09 cards in a different binder that is optional (extra 40-70 Cards)

Finally all the cards are in Mint to near mint condition. All corners are sharp :)

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    nothin to me bro, take it to a local card shop they may giv u up to 5 dollars for all those cards

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    To start off the 1961 Topps Card are great, just the condition of the cards is the question with the cards near mint the Maris Cards could be worth around 300, Mays around 100, with the Koufax around 30 since. The Pujols Rookie is going to be getting higher in value as long as he keeps up his pace. McGwire cards were just in a downfall after his record breaking season and only see them going up a little if he makes the hall. And the same goes for Griffey and Bonds Cards. The value of cards are really priced on the value the cards sell at. There are so many rookie cards floating around of Griffey, Bonds, and McGwire the value of the card will go down. The Clemens and Ripken are only going to get better, so thats good. Remember though the condition of the cards have to near mint to perfect for cards to be valued now, anything less really it is just a item for you to have. The Swatch Card of Maris and Mantle is awesome I am jealous as hell, that cards and that cards is worth more then the 61 cards put together and for the Clemens well I bet ya some people can even put a price on that since it is a 1/1. I am a big collecter and have some 1/1 cards and one was of Chipper Jones and sold it for 350 bucks, Awesome stuff though man.

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