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D'ya like my Smackdown and ECW for tonight and BQ? vote winners!.?

ECW 1st-

match 1- shelton after coming down, says that now sheamus is gone- he can concentrate on becoming the number 1 Contender for the ECW title:

Shelton Benjamin vs Yoshi Tatsu

match 2- mixed tag- Paul and Katie- Lea vs Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes.

Match 3- Vladimir Kozlov, William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson vs Goldust, Tyler Reks and the Hurricane

match 4- ECW title- Christian vs Tommy Dreamer


it starts off with the whole smackdoen roster in the ring, including teddy long and big show or taker or rey or batista. Jericho says the eam won because of him, he is the best in the world at what he does, kane gets in his face, and thretens him, everyone gets involves, and just when everyone is about to brawl (kane, finlay, morrison, cryme tyme, matt hardy, r- truth and slam master j) with (jericho, ziggler, hart dynasty, escobar, knox, mcintyre and charlie haas) theo long announces that tonight which onne of the co- captains Deserves the credit, as er will c 5 matches, and tonight in the main event well c cm punk and batista vs taker and rey mysterio

match 1- mickie james and natalya vs beth and maria were the winning team go on t0 fight each other next week in a #1 contender match:

Batista talks, and is ambushed by rey, the two are put in a 5-5 survivor series match

match 2 (bragging rights match)- FINlay and matt hardy vs mike knox and mcintyre

theo long, rey and punk discuss that rey and batista are pulling out 2nite, and itll be a last chance match for the world title- inferno match!!

match 3- (BR 2) charlie Haas vs R- truth

match 4- cryme tyme v hart dynasty in a co- captains bragging rights match

match 5- JoMo vs Dolph Ziggler (BR)

2-2 at main event:

lumberjack match

Kane vs Jericho

RAW's miz snucked in and stole the bragging rights trophy

WHW title inferno match-

Undertaker vs CM Punk

Rate and



Oh!, soz i forgot the BQ!

Do you think Sheamus needs a slight tan?

He looks like a ghost!?

and what do you think bout King Coles comments Bout sheamus in his match

Update 2:

says u dude that asks this 4 ur social life!


When was george washington's first victory and where?

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    Wow that is to good it is a dream card and you are creative.

    The winners are...

    Yoshi Tatsu match rating 10/10.

    Paul and Katie lea when Paul Burchill does his C4 finisher of the top rope match rating 9/10.

    William Regal, Vladmir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson match rating 9/10

    Tommy Dreamer in a Extreme Rules match when Tommy Dreamer puts Christian threw a table with fire using a DDT match rating 10/10.

    Mickie and Natalya win by Natayla using the Anvil Flattener on Maria and then putting the Sharpshooter forcing her to tap match rating 7/10.

    Finlay and Matt Hardy win match rating 7/10

    R-Truth match rating 9/10

    Hart Dynasty when the referee is knocked down Shad hits JTG with a chair turning him to a heel match rating 9/10.

    I take it as JoMo is John Morrison and he wins with the Zig-Zag to make fun of Dolph Ziggler and calls him a few names like MR Ziggles and Dolphin boy match rating 10/10.

    Vine McMahon comes down to the Smackdown Arena and says the Inferno Match was for Kane and Kane must be in all Inferno Matches and then the main event becomes a Fatal 4 Way elimination non title Inferno match winner Kane match rating 10/10 Elimination order is as follows

    CM Punk with a Chris Jericho doing a Codebreaker and Chris Jericho lands on the fire.

    Kane does his Chokeslam on Undertaker and wins

    Due to the inferno match being a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match there is a new main event which has Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho and CM Punk with the Big Show as a Championship Scramble match Entries order

    CM Punk Chris Jericho Big Show Kane Undertaker

    Chris Jericho becomes interim Champion then Kane then Undertaker then CM Punk then Kane then Undertaker then Kane then Undertaker then CM Punk then Big Show then in the last minute Kane Chokeslams Big Show and gets the 3 count Undertaker uses his Hells Gate on Big Show and makes him tap with 15 seconds left but CM Punk steals a pin on Big Show leaving 12 seconds left and then Chris Jericho gives Big Show a Lionsault and becomes the interim champion but with 7 seconds and Kane does a Camel Clutch on CM Punk at the same time Undertaker does the Hells gate on Big Show CM Punk tap with 4 seconds remaining and with less then a second left Undertaker makes Big Show tap.

    O f noticed earlier there was loads of spelling mistakes that was because my neighbour was on my laptop and edited everything and please remember most of this id in UK English.

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    easily , i'm going to bypass with You in this One - 10/10. there replaced into purely a distinctive sense approximately ECW this night. i do no longer understand if it replaced into with the aid of fact this is almost Spring , or It replaced into nonetheless easy Out , or with the aid of fact WrestleMania is barely 26 Days Away or What - yet there replaced into only one thing extra effectual appropriate to the entire tutor. The air of secrecy replaced into distinctive. The Primo/Miz experience almost Rivaled Christian/Thwagger from 2 Weeks in the past as perfect ECW experience in Awhile. Carlito & Morrison on the Mic replaced into humorous as Hell too. TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) is superb , as You pronounced. and of course , The conflict Royal Owned. even however I Knew the result from Spoilers , it replaced into great to work out. Christian could a minimum of Make MiTB exciting & conceal Up for that terrible Mistake of Mark Henry being in There. with a bit of luck He Wins , yet i do no longer See it. BQ - 33.3% or 3 to a million. ;) the only 3 with a Shot are Christian , Kane , & MVP. and that i See MVP Cashing in , which you would be able to speak. yet , i'm going to easily depart it at a Mathematical Tie for Now...

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    it's all a show, it's fake and stupid. why don't you watch some real fights? you just want to see a bunch of muscle men jump on each other, you sickk demented queer humping rainbow worshiper.

    and for goodness sake start a blog or something, this is 'yahoo answers', not 'yahoo write a freak'n book'

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    quite wrighting books on here people we do not read long sh!t like this and no the whole thing you wrote sux

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