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How do muslims feel about the muslims committing this act in the name of Islam? Please read article attached?

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    Our least favorite question is unfortunately one that we see quite a bit. Readers who understand Islamic history and teaching, and thus realize the danger that it poses to our future naturally want to know what can be done to prevent this from happening.

    Our conclusion is that educating oneself, educating others, and speaking truthfully about "the Religion of Peace" is the best start. Islam is it's own worst enemy in that the more that is known about it, the less attractive it becomes... to everyone.

    The key to stopping Islam is education, because the more that is known about this 7th century religion the less appeal it will have in today’s world. Muslim defenders know this, which is why they hide behind censorship and book banning in the Islamic world and desperate but comical appeals to political correctness and multiculturalism in the West. Muslim organizations, such as CAIR, often rely on outright falsehood to deceive others into dropping their defenses.

    Non-Muslim Westerners should understand that there is no reason to place Islam above criticism or Muslims above offense merely on that basis. In fact, there is every reason not to do this. Islamic law poses a threat to nearly every liberal value that the West holds dear.

    Learn as much as you can about why Islam is dangerous. Understand its history. Learn how thousands of people can do brutal things each year explicitly in the name of Islam and Allah, while a billion others never seem to be terribly bothered about it.

    In short, educate yourself. Then you can educate others. And they can educate others as well.

    Speak truthfully. Speak tactfully.

    If Islam wins, then civilization loses... but at least we will have gone down swinging.

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    how do we feel ?! are you serious ? how any human would feel after reading this, could any1 feel happy for it ?!

    anyway I made my point I feel sick when they do it by the name of God, they are sick people, cancer and murderers...

    Sometimes, I think all these terrorists attacks in Iraq wasn't there in the days of Saddam, but also there wasn't democracy, the question is if the only way to make Iraq stable is by forcing secure... and putting another tyrant but this time under the United States' acceptance... then what did they really do in Iraq other than taking it's money ?

    Rule number 1 in wars: any acts weather it's good or bad in the country it's the occupier's fault... so I blame US first, then Al-Qaida ba$tards

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    Probably the same way the gay community feels when their friends are murdered in the name of god.

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    Probably the same way Christians feel when someone bombs a Planned Parenthood.

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    Probably about the same way Christians feel about a Christian killing someone else in a church or a Christian blowing up a building on Oklahoma City..

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    They are not Muslims.

    “And do not kill yourselves, God is merciful with you. And whosoever does that (kills self) with aggression and inequity, we will make them suffer in Hell fire, and this is easy for God to do” (29-30, 4)

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    i dont like Al-Qaida nor bin laden

    they are terrorists

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