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American parents, your opinion on Universal Health Care?

** I asked this in government and didn't get vary many responses**

I'm curious about the debate about universal health care, and I'm trying to get more information about it.

I'm from Canada, so I'm used to the health care. I think its nice not having to worry about money if you were involved in a car crash, or come down with a serious illness that required hospitalization.

So I'm wondering why so many people seem to be against it in the states?

I can understand if some people are worried about wait times increasing, but its not THAT bad, if its an emergency you get the proper tests done right away, if its a non-emergency then you wait. From the time my doctor ordered my CT scan, it took 30 days for it to be done.

Any input is appreciated.


oops...I meant Lee lol sorry

Update 2:

Indumuk - Coming from a country who has UHC, going to your regular doctor does not increase your wait time. If I were to go to ER with a say cold or a splinter then I would be waiting hours, only because it goes by who needs help first. If you use ER's like they are supposed to be used (ie: for actual emergencies) then you will not be waiting hours.

Update 3:

I'm also wondering about this "buying thousands of pills and reselling them" Where I'm from anyway, universal health care doesn't cover prescriptions. That is the only part that the patient pays for themselves.

Update 4:

MT - "Do you really think the great many of us against nationalized healthcare are all selfish, greedy people that want to see other people die?" I don't think that at all. I'm just trying to understand everyone's point of view. Here UHC works amazingly well, an I was wondering why a lot of people seem to be against it.

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    A single payer system would be great for the U.S. Most folks oppose universal healthcare here because they fear socialism. Politician have been drumming this into their heads for years. When Medicare was first proposed Ronald Reagan said that we would be telling our grandchildren about how our democracy was lost. Medicare today is one of the most popular government programs ever.

    I am a physician and can tell you from first hand expierience that the private insurance companies are more interested in the bottom line than in peoples' health, and they exert more control over healthcare than government run medicare. Many patients have to wait months or even years for proceedures they need today because their insurance provider stalls and delays the decision to pay. If the patient dies while wiating for an answer from their insurer that is more profit for the insurance company. Too many times have I seen people denied a service they desperately need. This does not happen with Government run Medicare. Doctors get paid a little less, sure, but we doctors are not suffering and are not living in poverty.

    Only a single payer system will ensure that the patients' best interest and not profit is the bottom line.

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    Run a google search on health care and european countries. Hmm... they have it for decades already. And you will know first hand when you get sick and go to the hospital. The bill is prone to make you even sicker. My better half had a very bad cough. Couldn't get enough air. Could not get a Dr. appointment and was told to go to the next emergency room. He got a bill for over $2600. His insurance paid almost $1900 of it. He still has to pay $700. What did they do in the hospital? They listened to his chest, sent him for x-rays (he paid for them out of his own pocket right there) and prescribed some antibiotics and told him that he has a bad bronchitis that is about to turn into pneumonia. Note that all the lab services and prescriptions were paid by him right then and there... so.. seeing a Dr. and getting 10 minutes of that Doctors attention can cost you an arm and a leg. Now you know why you should have universal health care. Imagine you are in a car accident... and you need to have an operation and stay in a hospital for a longer time period. You would get a bill in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.... How are you going to pay for that?

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    I believe EVERYONE deserves to have medical care and not go bankrupt. I find it very upsetting that some people currently have to go without health care because of an inability to pay. I'm all for offering those who cannot afford private insurance a public option. I would love to see everyone who needs to get care, receive it.

    However, I don't like the idea of ONLY a public <govt> option. That would not work for me or my family.

    I strongly believe that an overhaul of the private health insurance industry is NEEDED. Private insurance is fabulous, if you know how to pick a plan. The costs of them need to come down significantly. And it NEEDS to be a law, that private health insurance companies cannot refuse anyone coverage because of a preexisting condition.

    And just an extra thought...the BEST doctors in my area, don't accept hmo's or govt plans. Why? 1. They don't have to. 2. They pay a ton less than PPO's. How wants to go 2nd rate when you have a health condition?!...if you're a neurosurgeon and get $500 from the govt and $2000 from a private plan for the same procedure, who would you serve?

    Pharmaceutical companies are another story. They should be capped on how much of a profit they can make off life saving drugs. $1200/ month for a needed daily medication is disgusting and I think, unethical.

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    I grew up in Ontario and my parents and some of my siblings still live there. The thing about wait times is total bogus and it's a lie the American Right spreads to keep health care only in the grasp of the wealthy.

    I'm in favor of a public option, but not total shut down of private insurance. I don't think people who cannot afford the insane insurance premiums should just have to wallow in sickness like they are now. But at the same time, I would like the option for families like mine to continue with our private insurance if specialists and choice of doctors is not covered under UHC like it is in Canada.

    Source(s): Canadian-born, but I've lived in Pennsylvania since I was 11.
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    I am in favor of a public option when it comes to government health care reform, mainly because it would affect me on a personal level, as I am in the small minority that could be precluded from obtaining health insurance at an AFFRODABLE rate (due to a pre-existing condition). I think most Americans that are against it oppose it becasue they fear it will increase taxes and that the level of health care will go down.

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    I am French and live in Ireland. I have been to hospitals in France, Ireland and Spain, all of which have Universal Health Care. I think American people are fed a lot of lies about it because every argument I hear against Health Care I know through experience of it to be untrue. I have NEVER waited more than 10 minutes in a French hospital. I have not waited AT ALL when I was in Spain and I have had to wait up to 30 minutes in Irish hospital because some kids had been in a car crash and had to be seen first.

    I have NEVER waited for any other kind of care.

    Price and care?

    In Spain: my husband was treated for a suspected H1N1 which turned out to be a chest infection. We saw three doctors, two hospitals, have been transported in an ambulance. He had fluids injected into him, blood and urine samples taken, and a X-Ray. Price : 0 euro. ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE. We got a prescription for 4 weeks of painkillers and 2 weeks of antibiotics. Price: 4.50 euro for the entire lot.

    In France : the Health Care system refunds between 50 and 80% of all my medical expenses. No doctor has ever asked me if I had insurance and no insurance has ever refused someone or refused to pay up due to a pre-existing condition.


    I am truly very concerned about this US debate because you are being fed LIES and I am not sure how to make you see this. I’ll answer some of your points as a EU citizen who has experienced a few countries with nationalized health care. I have followed some of the debates on CNN and my husband and I were appalled at what you, US citizens, are being told.

    “Even though Obama says we'll be able to keep our private insurance if we like it, they will not be able to compete against something subsidized by the government. “

    There are private insurances in every country that has a nationalized health care. I had private insurance when I lived in France (the first 20 years of my life). They THRIVE. They just don’t make indecent billions of dollars by refusing you your care. They work as a complementary to the national plan. For example in France the national plan has two options. The first one is for the poorest families: health care is entirely free. They show their cards at the doctors and they don’t pay. Then doctors fill up a form, send it to the government that pays them directly. The second is for the rest of us. You pay normally your doctor and medication (and our prices are way lower than US prices) and then you send your forms to the government which refunds all or part (50 to 80%) of your medical expenses depending on what you got. That’s when the private insurance comes in. They refund you the rest or part of what the government hasn’t refunded you. So if the government gives me back 50 % of the price of my contraceptive for example, my insurance might refund me another 40% for example depending on my policy. In countries where care is 100% free, some people get private insurance so they can pay for private care either because the national plan does not cover that particular expense (ie dental care) or because there is a waiting list. So no, insurance wouldn’t go out of business. They haven’t anywhere else and I don’t see why they would in the US.

    “I like having the choice of how I get my insurance. I think the system as a whole needs reformed, but one sized fits all health care is not going to do it.”

    The French system is given to everyone. You can’t really refuse to have it (but then why would you, it basically covers you for everything.), however you do choose whether you want a private insurance as well and which one you want with which policy

    These were the points where I wanted to give you facts. I don’t agree either with the rest of what you have said, but that is my personal opinion rather than facts, so I’ll keep it to myself. If the French government or the Irish one tried to pull out the nationalized plan, there would be strikes and demonstrations and riots. This system protects all of our citizens without distinction and allows us not to have to make a choice between health or food on the table.

    The only point I would agree on is that the plan offered by Obama is not the best option. But there is no question that you NEED a national health care plan. There are many different options you can choose from. I am personally a big fan of the French system that has never ever let me down.

    Health care is an inalienable right, not a privilege. It is as important and essential to a free democratic nation as freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

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    I think it’s very sad that many Americans feel that healthcare is a privilege as opposed to it being a right.

    Why should ANY PERSON, ANY HUMAN, have to sit back and do nothing when they’re sick, hurt, need testing, need medication, etc? All because they fear the expense of what their doctor’s visit will cost them?

    I have health insurance. But I pay a lot of money for it. My son has health insurance, but I pay a lot of money for his too. (Cheaper than what it was last year which I’m grateful for). My husband has no health insurance. Because I can’t afford to add him to my plan (my job pays for me).

    So when my husband gets sick, he deals with it. When he has a condition with his eyes (he wears contacts) we pay out big money to make sure he has it done. It cost me $700 to get eye exams and give him eye drops to clear up an infection.

    Everyone should have be able to afford seeing a doctor. Everyone should be able to afford to have surgery if they require it.

    People in American don’t understand the universal health coverage concept. There are LOTS of myths out there as to how it really works. And very few facts. I’d be interested to see what it’s really all about. I’m not for it, I’m not against it. But I do think our health care program SUCKS as it is now.

    It’s sad when a person gets in a car accident and refuses the ambulance ride because they are immediately worried about the expense of it. Unfortunately, people really believe that having health insurance is a privilege not a right. And that’s where the problem stands.

  • 1 decade ago doesn't mean waiting for hours. In Canada you make an apt with your doctor for a specific time and go. Just like any other type of apt. My doctor is usually right on time, at most 10 minutes behind. In the ER of course it's different...wait time is based on many factors.

    Source(s): Canadian
  • From what I know, I think I'd like it. Somethings got to change about our health care.

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    i personally think there is something really messed up about being concerned about the possibility of some of us incurring slightly increased wait times ... but being okay with the existing situation where many people, including many children, wait infinitely because they have no health insurance at all.

    i am not okay with someone suffering or dying because for reasons of cost they can't get the health care they need. health care should be a right, not a privilege.

    at any rate, universal health care does not automatically imply increased wait times, and even a public option does not automatically imply the lack of private options identical to what those of us who are fortunate enough to have health care coverage have right now.

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