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can a 3 phase generator run a 480 volt pump 3 phase has 5wires 480 v 4 wires?

t3 phase plug 5 wires L1 brown L2 L3 grey nuetral black earth yellow 480 volt wire 4 1red 1blue 1white 1 green/yelow

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    Does "pump" mean just a 3-phase motor coupled to a pump or does it mean a 3-phase motor coupled to a pump plus unknown motor control components?

    A 3-phase motor only requires power connections to L1, L2 and L3. It does not require a neutral connection. The frame of the motor needs to be connected to earth for safety. The only reason for a connection to neutral would be to supply a lower single-phase voltage for some motor control component, heater, single-phase motorized valve or some other single-phase load that might be part of a "480 volt pump." The line-to-neutral voltage of a 480 V, 3-phase supply is 277 volts.

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