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How can a non-Christian absolutely oppose an evil moral view?

From a non-Christian (Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc) point of view is there such a thing as an evil moral view? Can a non-Christian absolutely oppose a Nazi morality for instance? Or, would they have to admit that Nazi morality is only relatively evil? The minds, guided by Satan, are forced to see things only morally relatively.

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    Regardless of whether I base my judgment on relative or absolute terms, good is still good, evil is still evil and stupid is still stupid... I would oppose racism and bigotry like yours without much deliberation, that's a pretty easy moral judgment to make.

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    Personal judgements means that there will be many things that people see as an "evil moral view" Relative evil is still evil, of course good and evil are merely opinion. This atheist absolutely opposes Nazi morality. Christians do not, they can not. Both Hitler and God used eugenics, one by gas chamber the other by global flood.

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    "Evil" is a completely subjective term. So is "good."

    A more concrete argument could be made for Nazi morality being "destructive" or "damaging" or "harmful," however, since the Nazi regime caused the unjustified deaths of millions for no sensible purpose. Do I think it was evil? Yes, I do. But that's a value judgment that I am making. I could convince you with a pretty strong argument that the Nazi regime was destructive and that activities like that should be prevented, but I'd have a hard time convincing you that they were "evil," if you were of a completely neutral viewpoint.

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    There is no such thing as good and evil; only a conflict of morals between two cultures.

    Thank you for claiming that two thirds of the human race is guided by Satan. Way to generalize.

    You do understand that more people on this planet view your belief system as false than true, right?

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    I think there is something like universal moral code ! In my opinion 10 commandments are some kind of universal law: although they might differ a bit in other religions, their message is a universal one ! Every normal living person is widely aware of what's right or what's wrong and any given anomaly on a subject is a consequence of historical=political circumstances person experience in his life. If you had lived in Germany in time of Nazis, there would have been very little that you could have done about wide spread wickedness as it was a moral code excepted by the Nazis "in the name of the German nation". In short: where the lunatics are in power, there's no place for the sound reason !

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    You believe that a non-christian understanding of morality being relative is less than that of a christian who has an absolute understanding of morality.

    This is false.

    The reason is that every christian interprets the bible according to their own interpretation. Every christian will have a different level of understanding of what the bible means regarding issues of morality.

    Therefore christian morals are just as relative as non-christian morals.

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    One's world view has to allow for morality. Then, one's world view has to have an objective cause of that morality's existence.

    The Christian perspective is the only that puts the 2 together. Perfectly.

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    But, it is relatively evil. We only see it as evil because our culture is modern enough.

    Read your own Bible, back then it was all "genocide this people" and "genocide that people" and "kill the men and rape the virgins". Hitler would fit right in!

  • A hell of a lot of German Christians where in the Nazi Party mate.

    Tens of thousands of them in fact.

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    Morality can exist with or without religion.

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