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Is it impossible to achieve world peace?

I think it is possible to achieve peace. However, my friends think otherwise. Why is that so?

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    There was a time when it was impossible to stop the Soviet Empire from taking over the world.

    It is gone.

    There was a time when the Soviets and China had millions of soldiers along their common border ready to go to war. That is gone.

    There was a time when China and Japan could not have normal diplomatic relations. It is gone.

    How was this achieved?

    Through the skillful injection of humanism into the right heads by a man who is the world champ of humanism and the most academically decorated person in human history, and you have never heard of him because the war industry does not like him.

    World peace requires that people stop babbling the mantras of the war industry.

    Instead, make the impossible possible. Here's how.

    Create Self-Directed Victory

    How I dug myself out of conflict.

    By Generalist

    I kept creating conflicts with others because of my beliefs that war on all levels was the way of the world. After some decades of constant conflict I started to think. My opinions, and those of my friends and authors, about how to live had failed me, so I began to review them.

    The big question was, “How can I stop driving my life on the wrong side of happiness?”

    At a SGI-USA meeting, I found out that the method to consistently drive on the correct side of happiness had been summarized as Nam Myoho Renge Kyo by the humanist Nichiren. He lived in 13th century Japan. Here is the, "just add hot water" version.

    1-Everything is always changing. The time scales vary, but nothing is constant. That’s Kyo.

    2-Causes produce effects. Sometimes this is not obvious because of time gaps between the cause and the appearance of effects. That’s Renge.

    3-Life is both physical and non-physical. That’s Myoho.

    4-I needed to organize my mind according to what’s real in order to win. That’s Nam.

    I started to recite Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. It took some time to discard my cynicism, even when I got phenomenal results in my life. Joining with others at sgi turned out to enhances the effectiveness and gets me a big source of potential friends.


    My own experiences as a result of reciting the formula and working with friends for peace, culture and happiness

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    It is absolutely possible to achieve world peace. There are also several ways that could happen, some good, some bad.

    Where does conflict come from? Some might say it is competition for resources, and in certain times and places that might be true, but I don't think that is the main cause of war. Others will point to disagreements over religion, and they would be right, but only partially. Some might even say pride, but I think that conclusion would be a little too simple.

    The main cause of conflict is a view that it is okay to force others to be good or moral or just. It is a sense of entitlement that because "our" way is better than "your" way we can make you adopt our way.

    So how does this stop? Well there's the problem. It stops when we all agree on a basic standard of what's acceptable and what's not. There's sort of a paradox there, because ultimately that's what we're doing when we fight. We're standing up for our standard of right and wrong. So, in a sense, in a world of clashing philosophies the only way to achieve peace is to destroy the support for all but one philosophical standard.

    Now, there are philosophical systems out there that advocate individual rights and condemn the initiation of force. Such a system allows for others to exist and live freely, even with opposing philosophical views.

    The problem is that many peoples' views are that it is not okay to allow other people to act in a way that you consider immoral, even if thier "immoral" bahavior has absolutely no effect on you or anyone else. In order for that type of philisophical system to create peace its supporters must destroy all other philisophical systems that they deem immoral. So that peace can only be had when one group wins out. That's pretty much where we're at right now.

    The U.S. was founded on the principle of individual rights. It is only through complete dedication to the principles of individual rights (something very lacking in today's U.S.) that people with differing views can achieve peace with one another. But then of course we run into the paradox, in order for individual rights to suceed we must be willing to fight to defend them.

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    I believe it is impossible to achieve world peace.

    This is the way I see it:

    When you and I look at the same thing, we each may see a different thing. Apply that principle to how the leaders of all the country's address global problems.The personalities of today's leaders are clashing, each one constantly trying to outdo the other. The love of power and the almighty dollar is overcoming the power of love. It is them initially who must first get along and then the message must be passed along throughout the land. None of this is happening. If it is, its only happening to just a few. Religion appears to be a major factor, mostly a roadblock in the quest for peace. It is so obvious. Another factor is interference from country's who seem intent on pushing their policy's on others. Yes, I am referring to the US and England sticking their noses where it does not belong. The US has been at war every year since WW 11. They are starting to push around those who will no longer tolerate it. They are trying to convince the rest of the world their actions are justified, however they are not. They also fail to recognize other superpowers around the globe. It is this denial that is pushing everything towards an uncertain future.

    The wall of hatred is creating a huge gap between us all. We all have our own beliefs, no 2 people will ever believe in the same things. This isn't just a problem globally. The war at home is picking up as well.

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    Look at how far we've come. Barbarianism. Living in the wild. Look at what life was thousands of years ago when Greece and Rome were in power. Back then, it was war all the time. Countries were continuously fighting each other for more land, more territory

    Look out how we live now. Fewer nations are squabbling over territory now and instead, countries are trying to solve their problems peacefully. We've developed the United Nations and many countries have democratic governments.

    Considering how old the earth is, we've achieved quite a lot in a short period of time. Just think of what we can do in a another five thousand years!

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    Impossible. Human nature is deeply flawed. And everyone's interpretation of peace is different. And there will always be people who think differently, and believe that the only way to rule is with violence. Unless everyone is brainwashed and controlled to act a certain way, "peace", whatever it means to you, will never be achieved. Humans are too despicable to band together for something good.

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    to achieve this could require the removing of each and every thing that's against real peace. First, any faith that follows the Judeo Christian god and the Islamic faith. they do no longer opt for real peace, they want a international have been everybody follows their faith in any different case they flow to hell. Then eliminate any faith that makes use of violence to unfold. the international won't be able to journey real peace as long as those religions stay to tell the tale. next flow to political ideals which will stay away from real peace. a magnificent area of this could already be performed because of fact maximum political reasons that don't opt for peace are brought about by utilising faith. After this your proceed on removing something that's against peace. this would sound harsh, yet notice that regardless of the international can by no skill be at peace that way it quite is now. it may journey short sessions of peace after a era of conflict yet quickly the memory will fade and initiate over lower back. the only thank you to realize peace is to take drastic measures and rid the international of something that needs to break peace.

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    It is possible but highly unlikely

    world peace would require everbody in the world to stop all conflicts with each other ...that is not about to happen

    y because people in generaly crave conflict its in our nature

    for every one person that truley believes peace is the right answer and atually practice that there are over 100 people who think problems are best solved by having the hardest punch or the biggest gun

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    It is possible to achieve world peace, but it will be very hard to do so.

    We are separated from the first place by hatred, and a different belief. Take a look at WWII, we were united to defeat Germany, albeit at the cost of many bloodshed.

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    world peace is possible.

    I think we must believe this, and continue to strive for it.

    The evolution of humanity and Spirituality has come far, and will go further.

    We simply cannot give into greed, power and the B.S.

    Love is the answer, no matter what the question.

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    I very much doubt that this would ever be possible. There has never been total world peace since the begining of history. The human animal is just too aggressive by nature.

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