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Doing 100 reps any good?

Doing 1 set of 100 reps can making you gain muscle?



It is called doing 100s

This has been around for a while

You do it with lighter weight or body weight

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    start by doing 10 reps at a time per exercise and then within 4 weeks increase it by 10 more reps. but do not exceed 40 reps as you make end up snapping your tendons in you arms and legs and believe me it kills. take care

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    What are you doing 100 reps of? If you can do 100 reps of anylift you are not doing enough weight, and no its not good because your just wearing your muscle out, not building it.

    Edit: Pyramid is proven useless, and so would this. Like I said you are not doing enough weight if you can do 100 reps, which is just toning you, not building muscle. hence the term less weight more reps = tone.

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    100 is by far too many. It is better to do sets of 10-15 rpes. Do like 4-5 sets then rest, then repeat.

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