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What celebrity looks older than they are?

Taylor Momsen looks way older. Ali Lohan looks old too.

What other celebs do u think that look older than they are based on their height and the fact that they all wear too much makeup!?

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    lindsay lohan lindsay lohan and more lindsay lohan!

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    Lindsay Lohan. She's like 80 years old now. Drugs are bad. children!

    I agree about Taylor Momsen. She wears too much makeup in a sad attempt to look edgy.

    Ali Lohan unfortunatley fell into the Untalented Younger Sister Who is Not as Hot as The Older One Catefoty Along with Ashlee Simpson

    Dav Patel...

    He looks like he's in his 20's but he;s only a few days older than me (i'm 19)

  • 1 decade ago

    Megan Fox, Lady Gaga,and Lindsay Lohan are all 23 and a year younger than Ashley Tisdale. Keira Knightley she the same age as Ashley Tisdale. Angelina Jolie she six years younger than Jennifer Aniston, but looks a lot older. Blake Lively is 22. I keep comparing to Ashely cause everyone keeps remembering her as the girl on Disney, but people forget she actually compare to all these people I name.

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    omg ali lohan looks so much older its crazzyy!! lindsey looks older too though

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think brook hogan look way older ,, she look more like 28-30

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