The Plague

This sickness, this plague,

Consuming, smothering,

My kingdom is failing

For this plague, this disease,

Ran its dark through my palace.

This Plague must be

it's horrible! GAH! O.O please help me! plz plz plz plzzzzzz~

it's sposed to be about a plauge (sicknesss, disease). it's beign written by the point of view of the king of a country which is stricken by the plague.

if yu have read oedipus rex, then i'll just say that's what it's about.

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    Plague has come upon my land

    My subjects are dying.

    Blood stains the streets

    It won't abolish upon my command

    Thus this King is wailing and crying?

    I am a King of defeats.

    I rent my frocks and crown in despair

    as I smell the acrid palace

    and see the funerals pass by the moat

    filling the streets everywhere

    What enemy have I who produced this malice

    Where is he that I might smote

    He is an invisible devil of the fire

    causing his embers of corruption

    Casting upon us, the rise of funeral pyre

    Oh so much. so much destruction.

    Alas, what God there be

    Please deliver us from this curse

    Return the land to serenity

    Send not another sickness or worse

    Cleanse the air that we breathe life again

    Letting the smell of death and rotten flesh

    go away from us and please forgive our sin.

    And start anew in the Kingdom

    Source(s): Poet 50 years
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    The plague, like a swarming army off darkness, depriving me of my people, removing me from my throne as my loyal followers scream and moan.

    The silent/invisible killer with no mercy.

    A demons curse upon my land.

    From peasants to princes, and children to men, not a soul has been saved, they all have come to an end.

    My reign will soon end, as no cure has been found, to this monstorous sickness, this invisible hell hound. THESE ARE JUST A FEW LINE GOOD LUCK

    P.S You could just not do it and look cool.

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    I certainly have shot off some cases, I certainly have 27 spiral notebooks packed with poems and four books achieved, i'm engaged on 2 extra genuine now and assorted short memories and unfinished books that I cant even count huge style

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    Just an aside, but the childhood rhyme "ring around the posie" is about the bubonic (sp?) plague. The ring around the rosie is the first stage of the plague, pink rings around infected sores. Later the sores become black before death, hence black death. "pocket full of posie" is a reference to people carrying flowers in their pocket to toss (at the time it was used to mark those with the plague). "Ashes ashes we all fall down" dead bodies had to be burned & cremated to prevent contagion and spread, thus all those who died of the plague ended up falling back down to earth as ashes.

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    It's a mass darkness that takes over you

    Leaves you defenseless and weak

    Smothers you alive

    A painful death you will see

    My kingdom is dying

    No one else is left

    Seeing my fellow citizens on the ground with no breath.

    I just wrote that so it might not be AS good if I took my time xD

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