What are the upgrades that I MUST have when buying a new home?

we are beginning to design our new home an are overwhelmed by the upgrades that are available.. they all seem necessary, but which one's should we absolutely have because it will become a hassle and more expensive in the future...

These upgrades are things like wood flooring, ceramic flooring in the kitchen and bath, french doors, pot lights, staircase choice of wood..etc.

I'm having a hard time deciding....

thanks in advance :)

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    I'm a professional in this field and I'm feeling generous.So here are some tips and fair to high price estimates that an average builder may charge.

    ****Print this and do not loose it because I doubt another professional builder will be willing to type all this for you.**** Most builders will upsell as much as they can...so here is an honest evaluation for you.


    -No need for plumbing fixtures of top dollar. Just a quality good name like mowen, delta, peerless, american standard...many high dollr fixtures end up lasting the same amount of time.

    -Make sure all of your homes water supply lines are flexible braided braided lines and not the hard plastic poly lines it will only cost $8 per faucet and $4for toilet.

    -Pipe wrap and plumbing strap everywhere.($200-$400all around)

    -Definately install a plumbing cleanout for each plumbing vent being installed $100-$300ea labor included


    -Be sure to get a breaker panel capable of holding plenty more amps than you are using and not just available knock-out slots to fit in extra breakers.(you never know what power you will need in the future so be sure that space is available without overloading)

    -Using a fire proof caulk--seal the gap between the drywall and the gangboxes to lower your heat/cooling bill and help keep a sustained temp(do this before painting) $1-$5 per outlet and switch OR do it yourself for free...just tape around the hole first to leave a clean-uniformed caulk edge that will not go past the plastic outlet cover.

    -Also see the last category titled "solar"


    -for the stairs...remember that a naturally darker wood will hide impressions made from dropping items on it or from scratches.Most important, choose a good hard wood that you will be comfortable seeing everyday... and definately with many finish coats for extended durability.


    In a kitchen, many things fall. With tile, glass will break easily when dropped where as it would maybe nic a wood floor but not leave broken glass everywhere. On the other hand tile will help keep cool when cooking, or from summer heat. Well finished wood floors are great, especially for kids and they are really making a come back. Either way, rugs are of great benefit.


    -French doors are beautiful, but they are not very secure and they do not last nearly as long as a conventional door. Consider a larger than average door with large ornate brick-molding to add a sense of awe to your entry. A solid quality door will last much longer, be more secure by far, and if you shop around you will save a few hundred bucks or more .

    -Do not use mortise locks- they are very pricey and have too many moving parts to go wrong.**** DO NOT FORGET!****-to make sure when your doors are being installed you request 3inch screws to be used for your striker plates and watch to be sure. Reason:the 3inch screw will sink past the flimsy 1inch jamb and sink into the 2x4 framing...which will make your door over 100x's more secure and it will not be able to be kicked in by a burglar.


    -Solar panels can pay for themselves quickly. Also if you combine the panels with wind turbines you can even collect a check from the electric company instead of writing one.

    Become my fan and I will give you more tips in the future.

    Source(s): State certified licensed building contractor
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  • 4 years ago

    Must have and need are two different things. Do you want a floor that will last forever? Buy real wood you will love it. Ceramic flooring will resist water unlike wood but can be cold. Go the extra and do subfloor heating. A good french door can cost as much as a nice single 36" door. Pot lights on the other hand could get you in trouble with the law and all the wood floors will be gone. I like Pine for stairs. More than likely you will go carpet for sound unless you go hard wood flooring then you will match what your floor materials. Time and money are two different creatures and when you start do yourself a big favor double your bid and you will be close.

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