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I lost my job, unemployment has run out, I have a hernia and a broken wrist. Where can I turn for help?

I have recently moved back home to Utah after losing my job in California. My unemployment benefits have dried up, and I have a painful hernia that is affecting my ability to do physical labor, and 3 bones in my wrist have been broken for a couple years but I've never had health insurance and until recently they haven't really effected me. Can anyone tell me where I can turn to try and get these ailments worked on so I can be in a better position to find a job?


Edit: I don't have a doctor to go to. I'm poor, and I'm unemployed, and I don't have health insurance.

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    I have great news for you! This year I have had 7 surgeries. I am a student that can only work part time. And, like you, I don't have a lot of disposable income. I turned to Inter-mountain Health care (in UTAH).

    "Inter-mountain Health care is a nonprofit system of hospitals, surgery centers, doctors, clinics, and home care & hospice providers that serves the medical needs of Utah and southeastern Idaho."

    The Financial assistance people were so nice to me. I had to fax them some paperwork such as my 2008 tax return. That was all. They did all of my surgeries (about $100,000.00 worth) for $100.00. They even allowed me to make payments on it. "In 2007, Intermountain Healthcare provided more than $154,258,000 charity care, or free care to patients who can only partially pay or are unable to pay. That amount allowed 138,264 patients and their families to focus on healing and not an impossible financial burden. And it eliminated the need for taxpayers to shoulder these costs. "

    I am so excited to share this with you!

    This is the website-

    This is the financial assistance phone number- (800) 442-1128

    Please call them. They are so nice and have many locations on the Wasatch front.

    I'm not a religious person by any means. But tonight, I punched in my search engine "Bengay vs. Aspercream" and somehow I ended up here. I just joined Yahoo answers tonight. I think that is just a little bit miraculous...or maybe just lucky?

    Whichever is the case, God bless or good luck.

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    you had better turn to your doctor ,

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