Ps2 emulator for ffx??? legal? easy 10 pts!?

Ps2 emulator for ffx??? legal? easy 10 pts!?

hi i want to get ffx for my comp is this legal to do because i'm on a school labtop i have and no they usually target schools for illegal torrenting. . . the old yahoo answer question below has the sites i want to use…

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    ps2 ems are legal only if you own a ps2 cos you need to take the ps2 bios from it to your pc

    but bios can be downloaded from the web for free

    most school laptops arent good enogth to run ps2 ems but i use pcx2

    my school was all about gba ems cos they can run from memory stick then one day in assemberbly the head was like any found useing it will be band from shcool pc use cos they are illegal but will still play them anyway and never found out and i ran utorrent on a school laptop but i cleared after use

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