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Why didn't god answer my prayers, when I got beat up, for being gay, in high school?

I used to go to church, as a youth. I prayed, to not be gay and my prayers were never answered. That's why I'm an atheist and I no longer feel guilty.

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    How very sad that you could not accept the fact that you were born gay. That is nothing to be ashamed of and if you had the strength to stand proud and NOT be ashamed, you would be so better off right now.

    You were born gay for a reason. A good reason.

    You could help teach this world that being gay is not a choice, but a gift. Do not take any notice of those who insult you and beret you, they, themselves have serious problems.

    If you feel better by being an atheist, there is nothing wrong with that either. However, do not blame all Christians for "beating you up" as you describe it.

    I have wonderful gay friends, talented, loving, giving, happy men and women./ Some are in organized religion and some are not. No matter what they have chosen, as long as they realize that being gay, is not the "sin"(mistake) that judgemental people say it is, then you can have a really happy life.

    Somehow though, I have this niggling feeling that you are a troll and that you are just asking this question to get people going.

    If so, I feel sorry for you.

    If not, then start changing your thinking and start to be happy by accepting yourself. Get rid of that guilt - it is the judging of others towards you that is making you feel guilty. Why take notice of such people when they themselves have extreme problems, which go against everything that any religion teaches about love and acceptance.

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    I am sorry you were beat up in high school. It seems kids will beat up anyone different then them. I was a nerd in high school and I was beat up by the football players. I was an atheist and became a christian a few years later. It sounds like you blame God for your persecution if God exists. God knows our hearts when we pray. Either You were not God's and therefore fair game to the evil world, or your heart was not right with God in your desire towards what you asked God for.It is possible he was trying to stengthen you. I would guess the first since you rejected God the moment you didn't get what you want. God isn't a vending machine. If God didn't know you as a friend why should he answer your prayers? Sometimes he would anyway because he loves you since you are made in his image. You are entitled to nothing from God. If God gives you something it is out of grace and nothing more, we cannot earn God's favor.

    I was persecuted under the false accusation that I was gay. The accusation was in response to my practice of christianity. I was harassed nightly for three years. (By the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS ) I asked God to get me out of that place for three whole years. Now I am called to be a pastor. I am so glad I went through the persecution because it strengthened me to hang on to him.

    I ask did the persecution because you were gay go away from you when you rejected God? If not, then what good did it do except make certian you are an enemy and not a friend of God. I have gay friends that are christians. They are great ministers to the gay community. Sometimes our struggles are ways of God to form us to his purpose.

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    The trouble with the majority of chrisitans is they have thrown out the law. The law is still here, just like gravity. Just because chrisitans think it is gone, doesnt change anything. Rom 3:31 Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law (stand in it) Study your bible, Romans and Galatians you will see there is still the law. Jesus became the sacrifice now, now His blood will cover sin. And we now have the Holy Spirit, the power that Jesus had to live a sinless life. There is a price to pay for trusting others to read the bible instead of you teaching yourself, the bible says you prove all things, not them for you. We are suppose to study for ourselves quit trusting others to do it, they only have so much time and what makes them so right. You want answers you study. Being gay is wrong...that is said in the old and new test. and gospels. But cant take my word for it study the bible for yourself, and the bible says you can sear your conscience, where things dont bother you. Talk to your Father in heaven, ask him if these things i am writing are true. Let him be your best friend. Dont be fooled. Start a great life now. Dont put it off. It may take work and your ego may be tried and hurt because the christian life is a life of purity and love, but the reward is beyond your wildest dreams and i am not talking about going to heaven. There's more to it than that. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth.

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    I used to pray in school that I wouldn't get beat up for wearing the same clothes every day. Of course I wore the same clothes every day because that was all I had. And I don't blame God for it.

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    How do you know He didn't intervene to keep you from being killed? As far as praying to not be gay goes, you may not be able to pick your temptations, but you can choose your actions. God can give you the grace to choose wisely. Lust is lust. All lust can be defeated through prayer.

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    because you were praying the wrong thing. Instead of praying to change, you should have prayed how God can use your gifts, including homosexuality, to praise Him, and bring others to Him. You were praying to change, and God said "NO, you are as I wish you to be." Unfortunately, you could not accept His answer. I pray you find peace. He loves you as you are, and always has.

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    You can't pray away gay....

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    No one is home. Leave a message.

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    He does answer you just have to be patient.

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    god hates homosexuals, he stones them to death.

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