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What is the case of spes et fides? and please translate :)?

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    Spes et Fides is Latin and means Hope and Faith (or Trust)

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    Spes Et Fides

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    If you use Latin terms most of the people on this site will not know what you are talking about. Latin is not taught anymore, just about anywhere and certainly not to young teenagers who seem to be the main users of this site. I'm far older than the oldest teenager and the school system I went through dropped Latin years before my secondary education. But I guessed that gaudium et spes meant joy and something else. I do not who who or what Caritas is, but if gaudium et specs came from the second Vatican council and was supposed to engage the church more fully with the poor of the world, it's clear enough that the passage from Luke might have been an inspiration for it.

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    What is the case of spes et fides? and please translate :)?

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