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Did you guys love Bragging rights with the exception of the Iron Man Match or what?

Batista as a heel is amazing. The smackdown vs raw match was good. And again, the midcarders put on a great show.

BQ: Dibiase needs to get people to buy his movie coming out so when will he finally turn face?

BQ 2: Edge will return as a face...but didn't the heel Edge make Smackdown? Will he have a fued with Batista? What are your thoughts about this? (And I knew about this for a long time, just didn't ask the question)

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  • Walken
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    1 decade ago
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    Bragging Rights was amazing last night except for The Iron man match. The Iron man match made me sick, I couldn't even concentrate to other things. We have a new Wwe Champion John Cena, who I didn't expect to win that Iron man match. It is not a good time for John Cena to win The Wwe Championship because we know that The Legend Killer Randy won't get another title shots anymore because the Iron man match was the end of the rivalry. Who is going to have a feud with John Cena? Triple H and Shawn Michaels are worries about becoming the next Unified Tag Team Champion. Mr.Mcmahon is trying to give John Cena a long tile reign.

    The Animal Dave Batista is now a heel, which sound pretty good. The Animal Dave Batista haven't been a heel since 2005. I think The Animal will be Unleashed again. As a heel he will have more World Heavyweight title shots and more feuds. The Animal Unleashed!

    BQ: He should turn heel last night at Bragging Rights, If he was interfere in the Iron man match to cost The Legend Killer Randy the Wwe Championship. But he awarded a pinfall to Randy Orton, which the fans weren't too happy about. I don't think World Wrestling fans are the only people who watch the superstars' movies. Will Batista sell is DVD because he is a heel? His movie won't have nothing to do about that.

    BQ2: The Ultimate Opportunist might return at The 2010 Royal Rumble because he haven't win any Rumble match or he might returns months before Wrestlemania 26 to have a feud with Chris Jericho. A feud between those two superstars will be perfect.

    Source(s): The Legendary Phenom
  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah but the Ironman Match was the best why did you give an exception to it?

    BQ 1: I thought he would off last night but it will be Survivor Series.

    BQ 2: Heel Edge is awesome but I like to see him as Face as I like Edge. Same with Orton. I don't think he will feud with Batista. i think he willf eud with Jericho and they'll have a ladder match at 'Mania.

    Additional Details: I agree

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