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What are some ways to make living in CA (San Jose) more affordable?

I'm moving out there in January, and I was just hoping to find some tips or suggestions about how I can make a tiny budget stretch farther (since CA is a LOT more expensive than I'm used to!)

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    1 decade ago
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    Use public transportation (which can be really good if you move into the right area, and if you don't move into a good area for PT then take advantage of park & rides.) Avoid driving in San Jose, if you work in San Jose take public transit or car pool, the stop and go traffic is not only bad on gas but it is bad on your car and can become overly costly.

    Shopping at large chain stores for groceries instead of the really nice family stores like Zanato's will save you a bunch. try not to eat out, eat in and bring your lunch, also try stores like Food Maxx on the corner of Moorpark and Race Street. you can buy groceries at about 50% less to 60% less then Safeway, or Lucky. Take advantage of farmer's markets in San Jose, you can get veggies at about 40% off especially if you go right before the farmer's market closes because most of the farmers don't want to bring home a bunch of spoiled veggies. (I do this all the time but farmers markets will be over at the end of Nov and won't start again until March)

    Take advantage of the free entertainment in San Jose like Movies in the park, live music, that kind of thing.

    Make sure to move away from downtown, the further away from downtown you are the cheaper your apartment, and look for an apartment that will allow you to install solar panels or already has them installed that will save you about 90% on your PG&E bill and most people even make money in the summer by selling power back to PG&E.

    Use Craigslist, ALOT and take advantage of FREECYCLE (it's a yahoo group in the san jose area) Also, there are some great thrift stores in San Jose on is located at the corner of Bascom Ave and West San Carlos it's called Savors and it's wonderful, you can find so many great things there.

    Edit: oh and pick up a weekly copy of the Metro paper and read it, inside you can find great coupons and lots of free stuff like movie passes.

    Source(s): Check out and buy a flash pass it's about $60 for the month and check out search around the site and find free or cheap events
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'd consider a 1 bedroom instead of 2 with your budget.

  • 1 decade ago

    Try and buy a year or month pass. Gas is very expensive and so is the rents. Don't pay everyday for the bus or train it's way too expensive. Hope this helped!

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