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How many Republicans support HEALTH Care Reform?


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    Loads say they do.

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    But why it was not brought in during the eight years that Bush the second was in charge is beyond me!

    FACT - Insurance companies in the USA admit to pushing up prices, buying politicians and not paying out claims when they should [a]

    FACT - PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet [b]

    FACT - Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare [c]

    FACT - the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage [d]

    FACT - Obama was elected by the American people to bring in change [e]

    FACT - Obama wants to stop insurance companies screwing the American people [f]

    FACT - The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and in Switzerland [g]

    If anyone can prove the facts above are wrong, e-mail me and let me know.

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    I don't advocate cutting off my arm if I get a splinter in my finger. Advocating for the government to take over healthcare, and the current legislation is the first step towards that goal, is pure lunacy. The democrats acknowledge that if their bill passes, 12 million people still will not have health insurance. This legislation is purely a power grab by the federal government, to expand the scope and scale of government control of our lives. Willingness to give up your freedom so you can feel better about yourself as a person is stupid.

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    You keep posting the same link that has nothing to do with your question.

    This is the 3rd time you have used this link to blame insurance companies of committing fraud and apparently you have no idea what it says.

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    Republicans want reform but one that is from the slave master point of view...

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    most of them.

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    I do but not as it is currently proposed.Oh thanks for pointing out that a govt. run health program is very fraudulent.

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