Can you ask more questions each day if your a top contributor?

How do you become a top contributor?

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  • Dad
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    1 decade ago
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    The TC ( Top Contributor) badge does not allow one to ask or answer more, your level does. The higher your level is, the more you can contribute.

    To become a TC ( no kidding), you need to accumulate 20 BAs ( Best Answers) between week 1 to week 3.

    The 10% best answer in a category has proven to be inaccurate. However, one overall best answer percentage ( not in a particular category) must be 11 and above.

    Please note Poll and Survey and Jokes and Riddles don't offer the TC badge. This is because these two categories don't relate to knowledge-sharing.

    All qualifiers will be rewarded with the badge on Monday.

    Once you earn the badge, it takes exactly 3 weeks for it to be taken away from you if requirements are not met ( no kidding)

    All the best

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No!. The rules are the same for everyone. Once you're at Level 5, it's the same for everyone.

    Click on the link below, or the points or level next to you avatar. There's a table there that will explain the limits on various levels, and more.;_ylt=...

  • Mmmmm
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    1 decade ago

    No. TC has nothing to do with asking Q.

    Is all about answers in a particular category.

    To be one, one must have at least 12 % BA in a category for 3 weeks. Then, maintain it. One must keep on answering in that category.

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